Movie: The Prince (2014)


RELEASE DATE in the U.S.: August 22, 2014

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In 1993, a young girl climbs into a black Mercedes with her mother, waving goodbye to her father, OMAR (Bruce Willis). As Omar waves back –

— BOOM! – The car explodes, engulfing the entire parking lot in flames.

Flash forward to the present day. We meet PAUL BRENNAN (Jason Patric), a mechanic who runs his own small garage. Paul’s a hard working guy, a widower whose daughter, Beth, attends college all the way across the country.

Late one evening, he learns that Beth’s tuition has not been paid. He calls the bank and is told that the check he sent her cleared weeks earlier. Fearing the worst when Beth does not answer her phone, he flies immediately to Louisiana to check on her. He hits the streets to track her down and finds her best friend, Angela. She divulges that Beth recently caught a ride to New Orleans with her boyfriend Eddie.

Devastated, Paul asks Angela to take him to New Orleans, the last place in the world he wants to go. Angela suggests he calls the cops, but he refuses. Once in New Orleans, Angela has trouble finding Eddie, but identifies one of his buddies, Raffi. Paul approaches Raffi and his three friends to ask if they’ve seen Eddie. They blow him off, but he won’t back down and they attack him.

Big mistake.

As Angela watches in shock, Paul takes out all four men. It’s as though he can’t feel pain.

They track down Eddie and head to a bar called Barney’s to meet him. Barney’s is a gangster bar, a place Paul seems to know all too well. Paul confronts Eddie, who informs him that Beth is a drug-crazed slut. A gangster named Riley tells Eddie to shut up and offers Paul a drink. Riley knows Paul, knows what a tough guy he used to be. After all, he is the Prince.

Scared, Eddie fesses up and discloses that Beth is probably with a crazy drug dealer named THE PHARMACY (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson). As Paul leaves the bar, one of the thugs makes a phone call to Omar. Enraged, Omar orders his right hand man, MARK (Jung Ji Hoon, a.k.a. Rain), to find him.

We learn that Paul is responsible for the car explosion that killed Omar’s wife and daughter. Paul confronts The Pharmacy and rescues Beth, but he knows Omar is after him. He enlists the help of his friend SAM (John Cusack) to hide Beth, but Omar’s men find him and a horrific gun battle ensues. Omar and Mark get away with Beth, forcing Paul to track them down and face them on his own.


Randall Emmett

George Furla

Samuel Y. Ha

Huh Soo Young

Adam Goldworm


Richard Rionda Del Castro

Patricia Eberle

Barry Brooker

Stan Wertlieb

Le Jea-Woo

Choi Pyung Ho

Fred Song

Ho-Sung Pak

Wayne Marc Godfrey

Mark Stewart

Montgomery Blencowe

Anthony Jabre

Jeff Rice

Elisa Salinas

Michael Blencowe

Vance Owen Brett Granstaff

Ted Fox

Brandt Anderson


Andre Fabrizio & Jeremy Passmore


Brian A. Miller


Mobile, Alabama


Jason Patric as “Paul”

Bruce Willis as “Omar”

John Cusack as “Sam”

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as “Pharmacy”

Jung Ji Hoon a.k.a. Rain as “Mark”


August 22, 2014

One Response to “Movie: The Prince (2014)”

  1. We all know who was the only Prince in that film.

    (And yes, I bought the film but only because Jung Ji hoon is in it. Everyone else is there just for a quick buck or to try to revive a dying career. )


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