[26 images][tutorial][Eng trans] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s official Cloud 11 fan club recruitment is on!🌧️

***EDITED TO ADD 2/4/21: Fans who missed the recruitment deadline and reached out are in luck! Recruitment for Cloud 11 has been EXTENDED to February 28.


A) Signing up on Naver.com
B) Email and navigating from there
C) Signing up on the Cloud Cafe
D) Choosing your fee & completing your Cloud 11 membership application

Once again… it’s a good day to be a Cloud!

Three years and 5 months ago, 2 notable things happened in Rain’s world — 1) the Korean Cloud site that he set up and sanctioned with his management, the Cloud home that we helped turn global and many of us had known for years, moved to a new, technologically advanced home on Naver. And 2) the 9th Cloud term ended and the new 10th term began, on the new Cloud Cafe on Naver. There was a lot to do during the 10th Cloud recruitment, mainly because the new Cloud Cafe needed to be properly populated, thus all of those daily membership tasks we had, ha. But none of it was hard, and it was such an exciting time. We’ll never forget it. ❤️

Now, it’s that time again, but without the tasks. Rain Clouds are gathering! Recruitment for Rain’s official Cloud 11 is taking place from January 3 to January 31, 2021. There is also a special contest where YOU can design the new Cloud 11 membership card!

Terri and I are continuing our memberships. As long as Rain has a Cloud, we will be in his Cloud. Don’t doubt it!

The main thing to know is: The last term was a free membership, but this term that has changed. The great news, though, is that it’s an open fee system, which means you pay whatever fee you wish, between $10. and $50. It’s totally up to each person, and there will be no difference in how anyone is treated. I love this “sliding scale” type of a payment and the low fee, especially in this time when we all need to count our pennies. Free memberships are great but make it extremely difficult to support our artist Rain. This is the perfect solution.

All uses of membership fees will be reported to all paid members on the Cafe quarterly.

Terri and I have paid our fees and filled out our applications, which is incredibly simple. The following is my experience with the process, on PC, in 4 separate sections, and I hope it helps anyone who’s having trouble. On we go!

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org


It’s the best thing ever. You get a free email box and access to videos on Naver TV and Rain’s Korean social media, to watch, comment on, and like. Plus, you can set Naver.com and the Cloud Cafe to always translate from Korean to English. The following is my tutorial on PC, from when I first got my Naver ID.

When I opened Naver’s home page, I thought I might have to use my Chrome browser’s Translate button so I could understand the page. But no — right there in plain sight was “sign in” and “sign up” in English. So I clicked “sign up.”

Okay, here’s where I ran into trouble. It took me 3 or 4 tries and 3 verification codes to get Naver to accept my entry. FILL OUT EVERY SINGLE FIELD or choose from the pull-down menus or CLICK the proper buttons.

** EDITED TO ADD: I used my real name, real birthday, real everything just in case Naver had ways of verifying such things. The last thing I needed was to look like someone pulling shenanigans.

The fields that got squirrely for me were:

USERNAME. “Stephe” was too short, so I had to add to it. But even then, even though what I chose was an available name, I still kept getting a “username must be blah blah blah” error message IN RED. I added a number at the end for the heck of it, and that’s when I got the “welcome!” message IN GREEN.

RECOVERY EMAIL. I didn’t realize that I couldn’t use my personal Cloud USA email address until I watched this video and realized that an acceptable email address would turn that field YELLOW. May be that Naver can’t verify emails of private organizations, only public ones, don’t know… So, if your recovery email field stays white, choose a different email addy. Once I put in my Gmail address, it turned properly yellow.

MOBILE PHONE. I input my cell number, but I did not get a verification code sent to my phone until I remembered to choose my country from the drop-down menu as well, which turned out to be +1 (USA/Canada). I think +82 is Korea…? No wonder it wasn’t sending me anything.^^

IMPORTANT. If any of these fields are not filled in to Naver’s satisfaction when you click the “sign up” button, you will get a small dialogue box that says something like, “Please check your join fields”… Click the box to accept that message, and a new blank form will appear for you to fill out all over again. That was where I was going wrong — if there is a RED MESSAGE anywhere on your form after you’ve filled it out, you need to change, correct, or fill in that field. When all messages are GREEN, you’re good to go. Click “sign up.”

LINK: Overseas Cloudmaster rainworldcloud has a Naver sign-up guide for mobile/cell phone on her Instagram HERE!


You can have fun going into your settings (the gray and white dot by your profile pic) and editing your profile, your security, changing your username if you want to, etc. Or exploring your menus. Or checking your mail (you should automatically have 2).

I love how the respectful title of “-nim” (님) is automatically applied behind everyone’s user name. Aw. Thumbs up!

When you first check your mail, you should get 6 dialogue boxes that, as far as I can tell, are simply choices about how you want to use your Inbox. You don’t have to choose anything at the moment, just go to the last box and click the green button to go to your mail.

Your email box is a good place to use your browser’s “Translate Page” button, if you have one. It does make a difference here, whereas on the Naver home page, not everything gets translated. First screenshot with translation, second screenshot without.


Huge thanks to rainworldcloud @ IG for sharing these instructions and screen caps on her Instagram. You are the best, my friend! ❤️

These instructions are for the Naver app on cell phone, not for a browser on a PC. I did all of my joining Naver and do my Cloud Cafe navigating on PC by choice, so in this case, I’d just grab my phone, download the Naver app, and join the cafe by phone. Then go back to PC if I wanted to. No big deal. 🙂

(from rainworldcloud @ IG)

  1. You can go directly to the Cloud cafe (link in profile)
  2. Click the “join” box to join the Cloud
  3. You need to sign in with your Naver ID and password.
  4. You will need to fill in a nickname.
  5. Please note that you cannot put in symbols like “-“, “/“,”_” etc in your nickname. The system will prompt you if the nickname is ok or not.
  6. A text box will appear informing your application was complete.

You are all set. Your application to join the Cloud cafe will be processed and it usually takes just a day to be approved.


NOTE: Being set on Naver and on the Cloud Cafe means you can navigate the Cafe, read posts, and see images — except for the ones on private member boards. You also won’t be able to post or comment. Official 11th Clouds will be able to post and comment, see any messages Rain leaves on his private board, and go into special Cloud rooms.

Now that you’re all set on Naver.com and on Rain’s officially sanctioned Cloud Cafe (it may have taken a day or so for you to get acceptance), you can scroll down to the PINK notices on the main page OR on the English Talk page (see the English Talk link under FREE BOARDS in the sidebar). CLICK on the top pink notice dated 2021.01.03 (January 3) and open it. There you will find the new Cloud 11 recruitment info in Korean, Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Scroll down to the English translation and read what you need to know.

THEN: Choose your membership fee. It’s an open fee this term — you decide what you want to pay between the minimum $10. USD and the maximum $50. USD. All members will be treated the same, regardless of what they pay. PayPal your fee to the Overseas Cloudmaster at heidi.worldcloud@gmail.com. She will acknowledge receipt of your fee.

THEN: CLICK on the link provided to go to the Cloud 11 membership application for English speakers. It’s super-simple, with around 11 fields to complete. Hit SUBMIT at the bottom, and you should receive the response below. That’s the end of the whole process!

It might take a day or so for your application to join the Cloud 11 to be approved and for your confirmation to come in your email. That’s the time it took for me. Patience is the key here. Don’t worry. If you still haven’t heard by the second day (highly unlikely), you can comment under this post, or email me at stephe@cloudusa.org, or message either rainworldcloud or cloudusa on Instagram for help.

REMEMBER: You have until January 31 to join the new Cloud term and be one of Rain’s official Clouds.

See y’all on the Cloud Cafe!

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on January 19, 2021.

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