[20 images][vlive][Eng subs] You can reach your body goals if you #letit비 — give Rain’s workout a try! (4/16)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Huge congratulations to Rain for achieving his weight loss goal recently!

It’s not that he was unhealthy or overweight by any means — he certainly was not — he’s always taken good care of himself, worked out, and cut a fine figure out in the public. But hey, we’re all human and we get it, you’re older and have an anniversary or birthday or an event or some type of milestone coming up and you want to be at and look your dead-level BEST. It’s a natural thing. So, with the incredible discipline and utmost care for his body that he’s shown over the years, it was only a slight surprise when Rain announced on his social media a few days ago that he was back to his weight as a 20-year-old, just in time for his 18th year debut anniversary on April 24.

A nice thing to do for himself, indeed!

Twenty-two pounds (10 kg) gone. Safely, at roughly 7 pounds a month. The Asian media is astonished. 🙂

He also fired up his V-Live channel again to show the circuit training exercise routine that did it for him — something he calls TABATA exercise, the “Devil’s workout” haha, that is very effective but doesn’t take forever, that you can do from home with a minimum of equipment.

It’s his new Let It 비 (Let It Rain) series on Naver TV, and this is only the first part. The second part to come will focus on his career-long tips on nutrition. With the amazing body he’s been sporting for such a long time, I’d say listening to him is the way to go, folks!

CLICK on the image below to go to Rain’s workout video on V-Live. (There are English subtitles that should start automatically.)

Truthfully, this thinner, sleek-muscled Rain makes a lot of sense. Think about it. You have the king of K-Pop who’s also known as an award-winning actor and fashion icon with deadly sex appeal. He’s 37 (in international years, 38 in Korean years) with his fan base and place in the entertainment industry transitioning. What is this master of reinvention to do? Reinvent himself, of course. Bring other parts of himself already there to the foreground.

Consumers and companies already see him as someone who is big on health and wellness (a plus because that’s who he truly is). Add in husband, dad, head of household. Stir in a cup of even more charisma than the law allows and what do you have? A new icon of self-care (a Korean consumer’s words, not mine!) who appeals to folks who are looking to take good care of their bodies and skin (Gre-Kriti), and appeals to men and women looking to take the best care of their kids and families, across Asia (Cuckoo).

Rain’s weight loss journey also tied in nicely with other companies who’ve gotten his endorsement in the past six months. Did you see his Health Helper supplement and Ninedot treadmill images from February and March? Goodness, me. When you look back, it all fits together perfectly. At least in my head.

Reinvention complete. Plus he still makes music, takes top notch acting roles, can still dance up a storm, and loves on his fans. (insert winning game show “ding” here)

The rain shows no signs of ever slacking up, folks. So, get very wet. Let it rain!

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on April 20, 2020.

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