[4 fanmade][2 fancams][clip] Rain video salad. (Fan art, V-Live, PopXClassics, a cute Blast, & 6 mins of 비’s lips.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Image credit: JanVogler.com

2/20/2020. Fan made. Our Cloud USA fan art Man of 1000 Faces #2 video. Please enjoy. ❤ ^@@^


12/3/2015. Clip. Remember when Rain opened his new V-Live Channel looking like a million bucks? So handsome. *sigh* ^@@^


10/7/2012. Fan made. Put together with Rain’s song for Pantech China mobile (“Shou Ji”) and lovely Rain images from A to Z. Aaaaahhhh! Enjoy! ^@@^


5/19/2011. Fan cam and Clip. Rain and celebrated cellist Jan Vogler collaborated a Pop Meets Classics concert during the Dresden Music Festival in Germany that year. It was a wonderful success, with German classical music lovers at the Semper Opera House chanting for “Jung Ji Hoon!” with Rain fans after the show (see second video ↓ )! Rain and Vogler together were amazing, the concert was awesome, and that gray tux Rain poured himself into, well… ❤ But this was my absolute favorite part — the two masters conversing with the audience in English. So nice! ^@@^


1/26/2011. Fan made. Can you handle 6 and a half minutes of Rain’s lips? Let’s put that to the test. 🙂 By the lovely Cloud Aberu. ^@@^


7/24/2005. Fan cam. Rain performs a special stage of “It’s Raining” and “Bad Guy” at the CCTV MTV Music Awards, in Beijing. The charisma! 🙂 ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 10, 2020.

One Response to “[4 fanmade][2 fancams][clip] Rain video salad. (Fan art, V-Live, PopXClassics, a cute Blast, & 6 mins of 비’s lips.)”

  1. Super de revoir ses vidéos ! J’aimais tellement les calendriers , ils étaient très beau , je les utilisaient en fond d’écran !


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