[18 images][3 vids] Rain check. (GRE-KRITI spoilers, FanArtFriday, 4️❤️or💲 & an awesome past Blast.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

All screen caps in this post by Cloud USA. ^@@^

2/10/2020. GRE-KRITI representatives posted a spoiler video with more of Rain’s photo shoot highlights on their Weibo accounts today. Hooray! I can’t wait to see how they’re going to revamp their website and see his new CFs. ^@@^ (Video credit: 格丽缇股东合伙人妞精灵 @ Weibo.)


2/7/2020. Our Cloud USA fan art video for last week’s #fanartfriday. 😍 ^@@^


2/5/2020. Check this out: We were watching Rain’s first Chinese movie For Love Or Money (2014) DVD and happened to notice that when “Xing Lu” (Crystal Lui’s character) was researching “Xu Chengxun” (Rain’s character) in magazines and on the Internet, all the pictures used in the movie were real images from Rain’s real career. 🤭😁 Cute. We liked that! 👍🏾☔ ^@@^ (All screen caps: Cloud USA)


12/1/2019. KBS has been going down Nostalgia Road for a while now, via their KBS Entertain YouTube channel, which is awesome indeed. I finally got the chance to watch their live-stream of the 2004 KBS Drama Awards (FULL program) from this past December. This was a year and a half or so before I discovered Rain!

Rain and leading lady Song Hye Kyo were there for their Asia ratings-busting, Hallyu Wave starting, k-drama hit Full House and won the People’s Choice Award (minute marker 42:50). Rain performed “I Do” (minute marker 48:50), and he also won a Best Actor Award (1:56:00). He cracked up and so did I when the hosts talked poor Hye Kyo into singing the “Three Bears Song” from Full House, aw LOL! (1:49:00) ❤️ And that host who was torturing them at their table… I can only imagine what he was asking to make her and Rain squirm and laugh like that, haha (1:12:26). Seems like Rain walked out of there with 3 awards… Song Hye Kyo won also, as well as Im Soo Jung, Song Il Gook, Choi Ji Woo, and Jo Ji Sub, of the actors I recognized. This was so much fun to watch. I highly recommend it. This is when Rain’s acting chops got noticed in a BIG way and the rest is history. (Full House outtakes at 1:09:07!) ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on February 11, 2020.

3 Responses to “[18 images][3 vids] Rain check. (GRE-KRITI spoilers, FanArtFriday, 4️❤️or💲 & an awesome past Blast.)”

  1. You know, I would think, it just doesn’t get any cooler than Rain with the sunglasses oozing cool, but So Ji sub with that beat that only he can hear in his head is another level. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Was there a tie for the award? Talk about two polar opposites – I’m Sorry, I Love You and Full House. One is as melo as it gets and the other can’t get more bubbly. lol


    • As far as I know, there can be a tie. It took me a while to get that, back in the day. I was so puzzled. ^_^ You’re right — those two dramas couldn’t be further apart in terms of genre. And the endings — good grief! But I agreed with Rain and So Ji Sub both going home with the Daesang. They so deserved it for playing their characters so dang well.

      Stephe ^@@^


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