[5 images][10 vids] From Stephe’s desk: Ninja Assassin (the reason Cloud USA was born) turns 10! 🎂

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Last Monday, 11/25, Ninja Assassin celebrated its 10th anniversary! The film that made Rain the FIRST Korean national to land the lead role in a Hollywood movie premiered in 2009 and caused quite a stir in many circles and demographics, oh yes.

Seems like just yesterday, here in Metro Atlanta, my friend and fellow martial arts aficionado Darrell said to me in an autumn 2008 E-mail, “Hey. Did you hear about this new movie being filmed, Ninja Assassin? It’s starring some K-Pop singer named Rain. What do you think? Should we be excited?” This was how I found out about the upcoming movie and Rain’s role in it.

Rain and his movie billboard at Times Square in late 2009. So proud! ^@@^

Mind you, Darrell had no idea I’d been a fan of Rain and his music for a couple of years by then.

I jumped on the Internet so fast my head was spinning.

It was so exciting, though I have to admit my first thoughts were, What? Is this going to be some kind of Disney-like thing? (Speed Racer had premiered that year and I was still googly-eyed over “Taejo Togokahn.” Plus, there were his comedic SangDoo Let’s Go To School, Full House, and I’m A Cyborg characters… so, what’s a girl to think?)

When I came across Rain’s training videos, the facts were clear. It would be NO Disney-like thing. At all.

I was like, “Darrell. Dude. His training is hardcore, parkour, and 87Eleven is doing the training, so he’s got the physical chops. There’s a TV drama he did called A Love To Kill that was seriously intense, so he’s got the acting chops for it, too — he can do deadly. We should be excited!”

We waited until March 2009, the original Ninja Assassin premiere date that was given for the United States, completely beside ourselves. But, for some reason that I can’t remember, when March came, the date was moved to November. We were devastated to have to wait eight more months and cried like children! ㅜ_ㅜ I consoled myself by watching the new special about Rain released by the Discovery Channel that month — Hip Korea Series: Seoul Vibes, RAIN.

It was wonderful!

Somehow, we made it to November without losing our minds.

Rain was 4 months into his Legend of Rainism world tour and briefly left the concert trail to promote Ninja Assassin in the United States. Firm premiere dates and theater locations were set. I remember tuning in to Entertainment Tonight the week of, in the hopes there would at least be a small mention of the Hollywood premiere. I was shocked when there wasn’t. It took place at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, an historic landmark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for heaven’s sake! That deserved a mention if nothing else! *hmph*

During a phone call, I mentioned to my BFF Terri that Darrell and I were going to see the movie (I’d introduced her to Rain by way of music videos the month previous, but she wasn’t a fan yet). She wanted to go with us, to see what this guy who sang like an R&B artist and danced like Michael Jackson was about. Haha. 🙂

The theater was packed full and Ninja Assassin was everything we wanted it to be. I mean, everything. If anyone could appreciate McTeigue’s fresh homage to 1980s Black Belt Theater culture and Rain’s way of bringing “Raizo” to life, it was us.

Darrell and his BFF vowed to never tell their wives about charismatic, triple-threat Rain or let him near them. I and my BFF Terri laughed and told the guys that was probably a good idea. ^_~

The next week, Terri and I saw the movie again at a different theater, with my brother and another packed house. She had become as big a fan as me. All three of our minds were working overtime and in unison. We were seeing ninja in every shadow (LOL) and couldn’t stop talking about how we needed to blog about this guy. How we needed to tell the world about the multifaceted talent that is RAIN.

Ninja Assassin is the reason Cloud USA was born.

We were looking for other Rain fans in the States, looking for a place to belong and participate, but the only “place” was locked up tight. So, we started blogging ourselves. We couldn’t help it, doggone it!

All the news and blog articles last week about Ninja Assassin‘s milestone were awesome to see.

Happy belated 10th anniversary, Raizo. You literally changed our lives. 🙂

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

This is the first image released. I was stunned and I wasn’t alone. Holy smokes! We were so ready! ^@@^

Ninja Assassin starts off 87Eleven Action Design’s 2014 highlight reel. Loved it then, love it now. ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on December 6, 2019.

5 Responses to “[5 images][10 vids] From Stephe’s desk: Ninja Assassin (the reason Cloud USA was born) turns 10! 🎂”

  1. Stephe, thanks so much for the Discovery video. I thought I had seen it before but I guess by it being divided into small chunks for the internet, I’d never really seen the entire thing. I really, really enjoyed seeing the whole thing.

    Thanks for posting it here.


  2. Yea!!! What great memories!!! Thanks for sharing Stephe


  3. Wow! It seems like this premiere was just a few years ago. It’s been 10 years! It’s been 10 years since I rode from NJ up to NYC Giant Robot bookstore to see RAIN in person, signing posters for his USA movie premiere “Ninja Assassin!” I was sooooooo RAIN-struck back then😅. I was sooo RAIN-washed, I manifested seeing RAIN in person. This is a True example of LOA! I say this because what were my chances of meeting RAIN up close in the USA?? I had admired and thought about him sooo much, God blessed me to get a chance to meet him. I am ever so grateful to have briefly met him🤗.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, there. 🙂 This is Stephe. I just moderated your comment. Can you see it now? If you’d like, I will delete the second comment for you…
      So cool, you were at the Giant Robot signing? Wow! I think I would’ve died. What a memory!
      Stephe ^@@^


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