[2 images][8 fan cams][#싸이흠뻑쇼] Rain at PSY’s Summer Swag 2019 stop in Seoul. (8/10)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Image credit: kiseok choi / ks.choi @ IG.

It’s tradition, Rain at his hyung‘s water-sprayed concert! It’s tradition, the audience singing Rain’s songs and teasing him by chanting his wife’s name, haha. ^^ If you didn’t know that, just search for “summer swag” in our sidebar’s search box. See? 🙂

This year, there were about 11 Summer Swag shows in different cities across Korea. Rain was a guest performer at the August 10 show at Jamsil Olympic Stadium, a.k.a. Seoul Sports Complex.

I’ve tripled down on the fan cams just in case some are taken down by the owners in the future. Enjoy! ^@@^

Fan cams. “Rainism.” That shirt. Those pants. That dance. Good thing they had water to throw and cool him off. 🙂 Also, “It’s Raining” and “Escaping the Sun.” Just… WOW. ^@@^ (Cams credit: Fun Korea)

Image credit: Noh Hee Young / hino2033 @ IG.

Fan cams. “It’s Raining” and “Escaping the Sun.” Talk about having some pep in his step, LOL! Yessir! 😀 ^@@^ (Cams credit: 오정은)

Fan cams. “Escaping the Sun” and “It’s Raining” and “Rainism” and a moment with Rain. The Summer Swag crowd always shows him so much love! Aw ❤ ^@@^ (Cams credit: 도댓범키)

~ by Cloud USA on October 31, 2019.

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