[topic thread][SPOILERS] Round 5: What Clouds and drama fans are watching right now…

“Welcome 2 Life” [웰컴2라이프] GIFs credit: R.A.I.N. Company / MBC.

There are waaay too many good shows of all kinds on TV in many countries and online these days and we need a place to dish about ’em, am I right? What say you? Let’s discuss! ^@@^

WE GOT SPOILERS. Please back out of here & DON’T SCROLL unless you’re good with that.

The previous Cloud-watching post from 5/26/2018 – 10/11/2019 is HERE^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on October 12, 2019.

One Response to “[topic thread][SPOILERS] Round 5: What Clouds and drama fans are watching right now…”

  1. Loved Welcome 2 Life. What can we say, Rain was awesome as always. The cutest and funkiest thing…..when lil mama farted in his face. LOL. So silly and such a father/daughter moment. He’ll have plenty of those in his real life.
    What I’m watching now? Well, I’ve recently discovered fellow actor Ji Chang Wook. I’ve been watching his dramas Healer, The K2 and Melting Me Softly. I have Netflix, so I’m also watching a Joseon era drama My Country (it’s so good). This one really makes you ask questions of yourself the “what would I do if faced with this?” kind of questions. I am also watching Vagabond (spy/espionage) drama starring another fave Lee Seung Gi.
    As far as American TV goes, hubby and I are watching Evil starring Mike Colter. Whether you are a believer, non-believer, a sorta-kinda believer….but non-practicing believer, this show challenges the viewer in all of those aspects. It’s deep, psychologically speaking. I’m also watching Jack Ryan and Carnival Row on Amazon streaming. So many shows, so little time.


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