[11 images][15 fan cams] Rain at the Z-Pop Dream Live 2019 concert in Seoul. (2/23)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

** Edited to add 11/4/2019: 11-video playlist by Super Shin Studio, including song fan chants and an LED version of “Hip Song”. We like! ^@@^


Image credit: 신도림 사장 / 154_iko as tagged. SCROLL down for more images!

Hi, Clouds, Rain fans, readers and friends! ❤ I went offline around this time (February) for 5 months, to take care of my Dad and my brother full time, so this is an event I missed.

Time to catch up! 🙂

This Dream concert with multiple artists took place at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on February 23. ^@@^

Fan cams. Hip Song, It’s Raining, Escaping the Sun, Love Song, and Rainism. Great job, fan cammer! ^@@^ (Cams credit: supershinstudio)

This is “Love Song.” Not “Love Story.” They are two totally different songs. Jussayin’. ^@@^

Fan cams. Rain in 4K. 4K!! Whoaaaaaa, cool! So crisp and so clean. ^@@^ (Cams credit: mang2goon)

(Images: 신도림 사장 as tagged)

(Images: @zpop_official)

~ by Cloud USA on August 19, 2019.

One Response to “[11 images][15 fan cams] Rain at the Z-Pop Dream Live 2019 concert in Seoul. (2/23)”

  1. J’ai aimé ce post comme d’habitude !
    Mais pour les fans qui découvre Rain , la 4 éme vidéo , la chanson n’est pas Love Story , mais Love Song .

    Tellement heurause pour ses fans !


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