[20 images][2 trailers][엄복동] Uhm Bok Dong check: Movie release date in Korea & L.A. is Feb. 27!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

You read that right, readers! In roughly three weeks, on February 27, Rain’s new historical movie 자전차왕엄복동 (Bicycle King Uhm Bok Dong, also known as The Cyclist King Uhm Bok Dong) will be released in theaters in Korea AND in CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles and Buena Park, California. As of this posting, there is no news of the film being released anywhere else but, rest assured, we and other fans out there are going to the source and requesting it in our countries and cities.

Time will tell if our wishes come true. ^@@^

English-subbed Trailer #1. (Courtesy of: Eon Talk @ YT.)

Trailer #2. (Courtesy of Blossom Entertainment @ YT.)

2/8/2019. A final official movie poster is released. ^@@^


2/7/2019. Wonderful movie stills posted by Newsen on Naver Entertainment. Wow! ^@@^


2/5/2019. MBC announced that Rain and his co-stars would be promoting their upcoming movie on MBC Radio Star. ^@@^ (Images: MBC)


1/29/2019. More wonderful stills, released on the Uhm Bok Dong movie page on Naver. ^@@^


1/24/2019. Gorgeous HD (4068 x 2712/3500 x 2333) movie stills posted by iMBC News. Woahhh. ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on February 10, 2019.

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