[info][34 images][스케치][LINKS] #Sketch check: Another way to watch #Rain kick some butts!

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Even though DramaFever is the holy grail of watching Rain’s new JTBC TV drama “Sketch” with English subtitles, a Cloud can’t help wanting to also look into additional ways (even without subs), especially of the Korean TV variety, yes? So, when I saw THIS on our Jess MK’s Instagram page, I had to jump on it with my tablet and with a quickness.


When this immediately popped up… (go ahead, click the image but don’t forget to come back^^)

…both my head and my tablet almost exploded from the shock. And I was like, back up, wait a minute, back up, where the heck am I?

Welcome to JTBC’s wonderful world of replays and Video On Demand, where I didn’t have to sign in or sign up or sign nothing. All I had to do was click on “Sketch” on the home page, click to play on the replay page, watch a couple of short ads, and then BOOM — the next thing I knew, Rain was sneaking a bite to eat during a stakeout and kicking a bunch of guys’ asses across their boat. It was the whole 1 hour, 17-minute, 33-second Episode 1 with NO interruption.


So. Burn http://vod.jtbc.joins.com/ into your brain for future use if you plan to partake in some Korean TV episode replays. And click HERE for another “Sketch” VOD page.

This was supposed to be an adventure for research only — I wasn’t planning on watching the entire episode, seeing as I was already going to be spending an hour and change watching DramaFever’s English-subbed version. I mean, who has that kind of time? But, the plot was so intriguing, suspenseful, and easy to follow, and 30 Sexy Oppa was exuding his Rain Effect to its fullest extent, so I lost that battle, haha!

I used my tablet’s screen-mirroring option to put the show on my big TV and immersed myself in the story until it was over. Woahhhh~

It’s so nice to be able to watch “Sketch” without scratching and clawing and getting headaches from the effort. JTBC and DramaFever, Santa’s coming your way come Christmas time. You’re both on the Nice List!^^

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

Lee Dong Gun’s character comes in near the end, unaware that tragedy is brewing! ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on May 26, 2018.

5 Responses to “[info][34 images][스케치][LINKS] #Sketch check: Another way to watch #Rain kick some butts!”

  1. I ditto it Stephe


  2. Thank you for the info but as you know I tend to get lost in the internet ether so I will stay with DF until this is finish. But, this drama just in the first episode has me hooked. My Curious Boy has let lose his awesome acting talent. The action scenes (which he nailed) and the emotional drama had me on the edge of my seat. I know that with no sudden changes in script and directions this will be one of his best, if not the “BEST” of his performances. I look forward for each episode with great expectation..

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  3. Thank you, sis!I’ m definitely trying this for the next episodes. Although, I got the first episode quite right without the subs. There was also ads interruption maybe on every 10 minutes and so, but it worth it. The episode is so well done and the acting is so natural. Rain fit well in his character. I’ve almost cried watching 😉

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    • You’re welcome! And I absolutely agree with your comments. I understand enough words and phrases to where I got the gist well enough, though I am looking forward to DF’s subs so I can have the complete picture… It was well done indeed! Not only was I entertained, I was full of pride for him. Great story, great cast, and our man of 1000 faces. 👏🏽🤗

      Stephe ^@@^


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