[info][15 images][5 vids][스케치] #Sketch check: How will you be watching?

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

** ETA 5/26: The first episode is now up on DramaFever, English-subbed. Go! Go now! keke~ 🙂 ^@@^

Today (5/25) is the day the first episode of Rain’s new TV drama 스케치 (Sketch) premieres in Korea on JTBC! Where can WE watch it? On DramaFever, of course. English-subbed and in crystal clarity! We’re not sure when DramaFever will be showing “Sketch” in relation to the episodes in Korea, but it looks like they have an exclusive, so… hopefully, right away. *fingers crossed*

We have the DramaFever app on our smart TVs locked and loaded on the show’s episode page. How will you be watching? TV, computer, tablet, phone? Or are you a lucky duck with JTBC in your Korean television channels?

The first 4 of the 16 episodes air in the evenings on 5/25 and 5/26, and on 6/1 and 6/2 on Rain’s home turf. ^@@^

CLICK on the image below ↓ to go to the “Sketch” loading page on DramaFever. We also have a link at the top of our blog sidebar.

I’ve got it on my Watch page, yes ma’am. Numero Uno! ^@@^

More trailers and teasers, courtesy of JTBC. ^@@^

Check out our favorite “Sketch” promotional stills, some of them quite stunning. The way some are “sketched” is pretty darned clever. 🙂 ^@@^ (Images credits: JTBC / R.A.I.N. Company)

And more things you should know, from our Sunnypeony, other helpful sister Clouds, and DramaFever (thanks, all!). ❤ ^@@^

That’s all for now.

Go, Rain!! Go, Sketch! 화이팅!!!! hwaiting!!! ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on May 25, 2018.

5 Responses to “[info][15 images][5 vids][스케치] #Sketch check: How will you be watching?”

  1. Yea, my daughter and I feel the same way; we will have to find other options to watch RainRain’s dramas.


  2. I hope dramafever will sub the pressconference, or anyone who can sub the sketch presscon pls. Big thanks


  3. Not to worry. I have an alternate drama site that’s my “go to.” I see they have the first two episodes there. So I’m about to get to it. SMILES.


  4. I’ll probably have to watch somewhere else later on. Me and Dramafever “split up.” A few months ago, technical issues happened between their site and my account. It resulted in me going round and round in circles to no avail. I had to say deuces to my account. I was at a frustration level of ten cussing sailors I was so mad. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • IKR?? Don’t mess with my dramas, right?! I had problems with my account too and gave it up, though it seems to be cleared up now… I’m still hella-suspicious though because I also started having admin problems while trying to write my articles in 2016. I could be wrong, but when Time Warner bought them, I had a bad feeling and then lo and behold, that’s when the problems started. The site started not keeping social media views and counts, all kinds of stuff. Not amused (and not fooled). 😒
      I’m looking for other ways to see the show from Korea…
      Stephe ^@@^


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