[11 images][teaser 1][스케치] Sketch check.

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Case board promo still for Sketch! Courtesy of the RAIN Company IG.)

Filming has commenced and you can read what Sketch is all about HERE. Whoa, the characters and the plot sound awesome! *two thumbs up* ^@@^

4/27. Teaser #1. The first episode of Rain’s new upcoming Korean TV drama, Sketch (스케치/pronounced skeh-chi), will premiere on JTBC on Friday, May 25. Woot!! ^@@^ (Source credit: JTBC Drama @ YT.)


4/19. Sketch stills, courtesy of JTBC on their Facebook page. Lawd, how handsome is he! ^@@^


4/11. On set. (Source: love808rain @ IG)


3/28. Filming by the river! Looks like somebody went in. 🙂 ^@@^


This past March, the cast had their first script reading. In these images are main casters Rain (an ace detective grieving the death of his fiancée), Lee Dong Gun (a sergeant grieving the deaths of his wife and child), Lee Sun Bin (a detective who can draw deaths 3 days before they happen!), and Jung Jin Young (an even stronger clairvoyant than the female detective). Whoa!! This plot is going to be fi-yahhhh! ^@@^ (Images credited to JTBC)

~ by Cloud USA on April 28, 2018.

One Response to “[11 images][teaser 1][스케치] Sketch check.”

  1. the plot sounds interesting, i love detective, police, and serial killers kind
    of movies and dramas.


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