[fan made][Cloud USA] Happy 1st wedding anniversary, Rain and Kim Tae Hee. 💘

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Two days before Cloud USA’s 8th birthday was the first anniversary of the new parents‘ wedding (January 19), and we hope they had an absolutely stellar (and quiet!) weekend to themselves. ❤ ^@@^

(Pssst, Jess… when you made this back a few months, I saved it because I knew it would be perfect for this day. Thanks! Great job!^^)

~ by Cloud USA on January 27, 2018.

7 Responses to “[fan made][Cloud USA] Happy 1st wedding anniversary, Rain and Kim Tae Hee. 💘”

  1. hi im not receiving update from cloud since 2019. im a member since 2016.
    i wish to received more updates
    on my mails..
    its too late for me to greet my number 1 idol in the whole world.
    happy anniversary rain
    we love you so.much here in the philippines…


    • Hi, Katrina. How are you? Sounds like something happened to your prescription to our blog. Please subscribe again so that you can continue getting our updates, okay?

      Look for the white “sign me up” button at the TOP of our blog and click it. Thanks for supporting Rain! 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. Rain I made a homemade quilt for your baby.But I have no way to get it to you.I made this quilt on Oct. 29 after I found out that you had a Beautiful Baby Girl.I really would love to get this quilt to .She just turned 3 months old .I live in Sandusky, Ohio USA and even though my dream is to come to Korea I know that that will never happen but even though I would never be able to come over there.I would love to get this Quilt to you.please if there is any way possible just give me an address to where I can send it to so that you will get it before she gets to old.Thank You.and I am you #1Fan


    • Jacque, this is Stephe of Cloud USA. I have seen all of your comments here about the quilt you made for Rain’s darling baby girl, and I have answered all of your comments and given you the address around four times… I’m not sure why you haven’t seen my replies to you.

      As soon as I get home later tonight, I will give you the address again to send the quilt to under this post, so please be watching for it. Do you have a Facebook page, or anywhere else I can contact you? (I didn’t moderate your comment with your phone number in it because I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone on the Internet to get ahold of it.)

      I’ll put Rain’s office address for you here when I get home in a few hours.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Hi, Jacque. 🙂 I just sent an email to your address with this information.

      Back in August 2017, Rain moved his office location. The new location is:

      RAIN Jung Ji Hoon
      R.A.I.N. COMPANY
      B326, 32-14, Seoulsup 2-gil
      Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
      04769 (Galleria Forét)

      Please send your gift to this address. All of Rain’s mail goes there.^^
      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Kudos to Jess (whoever you are).
    Congrats to the happy couple…many more…
    CONGRATULATIONS to Cloud USA! I happened to click on something that made me re-read Stephe (and Terry’s) journeys while creating the site. I know it may not mean much but I sincerely thank you guys… it’s beyond words what it means to me that you’re here (although some of Stephe’s words while describing how her first discovery of Rain made her feel kind of do it justice). Again, thanks.


  4. Aww, so “tweet”……….to Mr. and Mrs. JiHoon Jung Happy Anniversary! A “toast” to you both for many more years to come. 🎉🍾🥂💍🌹


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