[14 clips][Eng subs][#더유닛] The Unit video salad: Stephe’s favorites, so far. (10/30/17 — 1/3/18)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

All video caps by: Cloud USA.

You know what to do! Add your favorite dressing to this sampling of my favorite The Unit clips, grab a fork and a beverage and dig in. Enjoy!^^

12/13/17. I. ADORE. MARCO (and so did Rain!). That is the cutest eye-smile I have ever seen. I love his style of dance, and what a personality. He reminds me of one of my favorite anime characters. ❤ 🙂

Props to Boys Republic and their vibe as well. My heart broke for Minsu. But, Rain gave sage advice and let them know without doubt he and the other mentors understood what they were feeling. All of these things (and the fact that it made me both cry and laugh several times) add up to make this my FAVORITE CLIP FROM THE UNIT. So far!^^ ❤ ^@@^

1/3/18. Gosh, Team Blue hit it HARD. Loved their performance, especially member Hyosun (with the short hair). That girl’s got attitude! These girls had the boys all a’flutter, and Rain looked impressed as well. ^@@^

1/3/18. I usually like more mature performances versus the “cutsie” aegyo ones, but Team Orange delighted me for some reason. I think Rain said it best — I literally could not stop smiling. They were adorable with infectious smiles. 😀 ^@@^

1/3/18. Team White was amazing. Their sultry performance strongly reminded me of Son Dam Bi, a singer I admired back around 2010-ish. I totally disagree with Bomi getting last place in the group. She drew my eye to her a lot during the performance and her deep voice was fascinating. ^@@^

1/3/18. Feeldog was my dawg from the first day, y’all. Rain and I were looking forward to a possible match between Feeldog and Euijin! Euijin KILLED it, but Feeldog was EPIC! Whoooo (Plus, the camaraderie during and after the dance battle left everyone feeling good.) ^@@^

12/28/17. OMG!! SungTak and YongDeock of Rain’s dance crew (longtime choreographers who have been on stage with Rain like forever, bros for life!) walked up into a practice session!

And poor Jiwon of Team Black. When you see that expression on Rain’s face, best believe you’ve got a problem. (On the DEFCON scale of 1 to 5 for nuclear war, I call that look a DEFCON 3.) Uh-oh. ^@@^

12/24/17. NO! No, Marco. Don’t you dare change your hairstyle. The dreads stay put! Sorry, Rain, no dice! O_o ^@@^

12/20/17. Hi. I’m your mentor, Rain. And do I have a surprise for you! I felt a little teary when Lucky was one of the girls who got to continue on after her team did not. Aww. ❤ ^@@^

12/9/17. Poor Rain was already exhausted with 10,000 things on his plate and stressed from the rigors of preparing his MY LIFE comeback, so if he’s going to let you be on stage with him during that most important time, listen to what Daddy Rain is telling you and GET IT RIGHT. He’s a sweetheart of a guy and soft of heart, but when it comes to a performance, HE DON’T PLAY. He’s worked himself to the bone for 20 years and still does, icon or not.

On the DEFCON scale of 1 to 5 for nuclear war, these expressions are at DEFCON 2. Too close to DEFCON 1 for comfort. Avoid them at all costs! (Incidentally, the actual performance later went off without a hitch and was flippin’ awesome.) ^@@^

12/6/17. I was riding the “Feeldog” train that day along with Rain and the other mentors. Dude is off the Richter scale, wow! And big props for his whole group, BIGSTAR. They are all pretty talented, yes? ^@@^

12/6/17. Awkward, but charming: Who could ever forget Lee JungHa? Bless his little pea-pickin’ heart! So cheerful, you couldn’t help smiling, bless him. If we all had optimism like his, regardless of what folks thought about us, maybe we’d get to dance with Rain too. Ha! 🙂

Rain always makes me proud to be his Cloud in all he does, but this right here… is one of the moments when my pride spilled over. ❤ ^@@^

12/6/17. I’m so grateful that Rain decided to participate in The Unit. He is perfect for it. In fact, I don’t think they could have chosen a better group of mentors. I’m already a fan of HyunA and Taemin, and I got to know San E, Jo HyunAh, and Hwang Chi Yeol better. Win win! ^@@^

11/18/17. No subs. My goodness! SungTak씨 and YongDeock씨 (longtime members of Rain’s fabulous dance crew) are in this clip. In fact, some years back, Rain named SungTak as one his his 7 Rainmakers (the seven people who helped him achieve his purpose. Scroll down our Documentaries & Interviews page, and you can watch The 7Rainmakers special, English-subbed.). My respect for Tak abounds.

Much respect for YongDeock, too. So cute. I could sop him up with a biscuit, as we say in the South! 🙂 ^@@^

10/30/17. The mentors’ interview. San E was like, I wanna be reborn and come back as Rain! 😀 ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on January 5, 2018.

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