[16 clips][#MYLIFE愛] #RAIN comeback video salad No. 2: 30 Sexy Oppa’s baaack. (12/1 — 12/7)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Video caps: Cloud USA)

» [24 clips][#MYLIFE愛] #RAIN comeback video salad: 30 Sexy Oppa’s baaaack. (12/1)

Another full load here — Weekly Idol, Guerrilla Date, I Live Alone, Section TV, The Unit, and special choreo and behind the scenes goodies from R.A.I.N. Company! Grab your favorite beverage and a fork, add the dressing of your choice, stir, and enjoy. 🙂 ^@@^

12/7. Full, English-subbed. Rain on Episode 332 of MBC’s Weekly Idol. This is the absolute funniest stop on his MY LIFE comeback trail, y’all. From Rain’s old appearance clips like on Match Made in Heaven to the stuff that comes out of the hosts’ mouths to the Rain Is Proud of his Butt part… I am in stitches. Hilarious! LMAO ^@@^

I thought our comedic Weekly Idol hosts looked familiar… and it’s finally come to me. They sang the popular “Gloomy Song” that became one of my favorite Korean tunes when soldier Rain played it for us on his military radio show in 2012. “Ani ani ani ani ani ani ani ani ani neoman ulgoiss-eo deudjima…” LOL, great to groove to it again. 🙂 ^@@^

12/5. Special clip, R.A.I.N. Company. Behind the scenes of the “GANG” MV. By the way — 깡 (gang) means being tough, having real guts, physical staying power. 🙂 (Mm-hmm… Looks like “beetches” ended up on the cutting room floor, yup! lol) ^@@^

12/4. Clip, English-subbed. Rain on the streets of Hongdae for an Entertainment Weekly Guerrilla Date. And as usual, everyone and their mama are packing the street wall to wall, door to door, to see him. (Didn’t some dumbasses somewhere claim he was no longer popular? LOL! The streets beg to differ and you look like fools. *smirk*) ^@@^ (Credit: KBS World TV @ YT.)

FULL, English -subbed. For anyone who enjoys watching the entire Entertainment Weekly show, as I do. ^@@^


12/3. Clips, English-subbed. Rain on TV reality show I Live Alone, LOL! ^@@^

12/2. Clip. Rain and his juniors/contestants on The Unit perform “Sunshine” from his mini album MY LIFE愛. CUTE! I could listen to this song all day long. ^@@^ (Credit: KBSKpop @ YT.)

12/2. Rain, his fabulous crew, and his juniors/contestants from The Unit perform “GANG” (깡), the title track of his new mini album MY LIFE愛, on The Unit.

Out of all MY LIFE comeback performances, this is my favorite. I dang near dropped my tablet when this visually stunning technicolor stage started playing! Even my swag-since-birth son, who is as particular about his music as they come and wouldn’t THINK of buying hip hop in a foreign language, melted down when he saw this performance on Cloud USA’s Instagram and asked where to buy “GANG” the moment I stepped foot in his house last week. I thought hell had frozen over! *thumbs up*

Rain. Changes. Minds. Rain makes people think outside of their box. ^@@^ (Credit: KBSKpop @ YT.)

12/2. Clips. Rain on the Star로망스카 segment of MBC’s Section TV entertainment news. Looks like the reporter interviewing him was the young lady from his Speed0|| commercials way back when, what a nice reunion! And all of his stuff from his career years is along for the “car ride.” Oh, no — not the infamous boxing gloves from debut year! kekeke~ Wow… that sweater is screaming “Welcome to the Gun Show!” *rawrrrr* *wink* ^@@^ (Credit: MBCentertainment @ YT.)

12/1. Special clip, R.A.I.N. Company. The choreography for “GANG” (깡), Track 5 on Rain’s new MY LIFE愛 mini album. ^@@^

12/1. MV and special clips, R.A.I.N. Company. Track 5, “GANG.” ^@@^ (Credit: RAIN’s Official Channel @ YT.)

~ by Cloud USA on December 10, 2017.

13 Responses to “[16 clips][#MYLIFE愛] #RAIN comeback video salad No. 2: 30 Sexy Oppa’s baaack. (12/1 — 12/7)”

  1. In the 4th orange sweater interview clip – I am dyin’ to know what Rain said after they flash the marriage pic of him and Kim Tae-hee and come back to Rain with the boxing gloves on doing air punches! It’s probably something so cute so if anybody knows… please tell?

    And what dramas are shown in that same clip where he gives the ice cream cone to a girl and what’s the other one where it looks as if he’s threatening to go over the roof and a woman’s trying to hold him back?


  2. Can anyone explain what was so funny about the pronunciation of “fan”? I know that “F” is difficult for many Koreans to pronounce but I didn’t understand the joke here. I know many times Koreans use puns and play on words so…I want in on the joke. 🙂


  3. Thank God they left the “beetches” on the cutting room floor. I’m a bit disappointed it was included in the first place. I’m real tired of “bitch” being a casual substitute word for women.
    Part of what attracts me to Korean entertainment is the lack of vulgarity (on most things. The movies can be off the chain but…I’m prepared for that. If I want to see or hear something risque and I cue it up or buy a ticket, that’s fine – but I don’t like it showing up on public broadcasting when kids can be in the area or just when I’m not expecting it. Call me old fashioned but this ol’ head ain’t for it.)


  4. oops. I think I posted under the wrong set of clips. So sorry.


  5. So far, I’ve only watched the Weekly Idol clip but it was so much fun. I was thinking as they were semi-teasing about all his accolades that “I hope they know it’s true”:

    “K-pop is defined as ‘before Rain’ and ‘after Rain’.”

    And many others that are just plain facts.

    I noticed when he was about to get serious with his dancing and took off his watch, he almost reached for his wedding ring but stopped. It made me chuckle and think Ms. Kim got him trained. He know he bet NOT be removing that ring unless he’s getting paid in a movie or drama to pretend to be unmarried for a minute!

    The butt mooch was hilarious. Bi was like we playing around and all but I didn’t expect a mooch! His facial expression killed me. lol

    And maybe best of all to the youngin’s: “Try to keep up with me”. I was expecting some advice like “work even harder” but this was golden.

    Thanks for all the goodies, Stephe. I know I’ll enjoy them all.


    • You’re welcome. If they’ve got any sense, they definitely know those facts are true, LOL!

      There was a recent article where he said he was a “whipped” hubby (happily), and I think he also admitted that when he visited his friend on a recent I Live Alone show episode. Many comments from Koreans indicated that it endeared him to them, haha.^^ They loved the fact that he was so caring of KTH and not ashamed to admit it. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


      • So many men don’t get that you can be “whipped” and still be in charge (kind of) 😉

        I thought I saw something advertised that said Rain would be on “I live Alone” but figured I misunderstood or was half asleep cause I went “He doesn’t live alone” and went back to sleep.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yes ma’am, “whipped” but still in charge! ^^ And from what I’ve heard, Mrs. Rain is a bit “whipped” herself… hubby’s got her all crazy in love. 🙂

          Rain’s friend is the one who lives alone and is a regular on the show.

          Stephe ^@@^


      • Is the show “I Live Alone” the one where I watched a clip called “how you savage your friends” with Rain and that funny popular actor who does a lot of supporting roles?

        If so, are you talking about the clip where the friend tells Rain to spend the night at his house and to “call your wife –” and Rain cuts him off and says “I can’t do that”. The friend says “you’re weak” and the caption under the friend says “He’s whipped”?

        I really don’t think Rain is whipped in the sense of being a pushover or weak. I just think he’s happy and doing what’s necessary as a husband to keep your wife happy. I hate when people can’t understand that. Yes, there are whipped men and it can be pitiful, but the joking “whipped” is cute.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Right. Rain is anything but weak. He’s just the strong type that feels pride in honoring his wife and feels happiest when she’s happy too. It irritates me too when folks can’t seem to understand that simple concept. Sheesh.

          Yes, that’s what I was talking about. Also, back in 2010 when he was coming back with Back To The Basic, he said on the Win Win show and I quote the translation, “I may be very dazzling on stage, but in front of my lover, I am willing to kneel down for her.” He wanted to be a husband with two charismatic sides, both strong and loving, and wanted a wife that was the same. And… “I think no matter how tough a man may be, once he’s in front of his lover, he will unconditionally become weak. He will know how to let her spoil him. I want to show my girlfriend the side of me that others can’t see.” His favorite date memory at that time was giving his girlfriend a piggyback ride. What a guy. So sweet. 💕

          Unless you try to mess with his career. THAT will get you kicked to the curb, LOL.

          Stephe ^@@^


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