[new MV][iTunes info] Rain’s “깡” (#GANG) and mini album #MYLIFE愛 have dropped! (12/1)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Video cap: Cloud USA.)

YAASSSS, everybody! Early this morning (4 AM Atlanta time EST, 6 PM Korea time) as promised, the much-anticipated music video for Rain’s new song “GANG” arrived hot off the presses from Genie Music, and the hype was no lie. I’m having to force myself to stop playing it so I can flippin’ get it POSTED (it’s hard out here for a blogger!^^).

Tell ‘em how it is, 비. Kill ’em with that GANG drop to the ground! The swag is REAL.

» [preview][comeback] Check out the songs on Rain’s #MYLIFE愛 mini album! (12/1)

» [info][MV][lyrics] Pre-order Rain’s new album #MYLIFE愛 and hear his new ballad. ☔

The digital release of Rain’s long-awaited mini album MY LIFE愛 hit official Internet download sites at the same time (insert choirs singing here!) and is also available on iTunes. See my previous post in the links directly above ↑ to pre-order the CD to be released on December 5. ^@@^

» [download link] Rain, MY LIFE愛 on iTunes and Apple Music

(Image credit: rain_oppa @ IG.)

~ by Cloud USA on December 1, 2017.

7 Responses to “[new MV][iTunes info] Rain’s “깡” (#GANG) and mini album #MYLIFE愛 have dropped! (12/1)”

  1. Got a notice from Amazon that the CD has shipped. However, the expected arrival date is between Dec. 19-Jan. 4th. Although, I feel it will probably come sooner. *Squee* Can’t wait!

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  2. Wow!, Yum Yum! RainRain did it again!!!


  3. All I can say Ladies is, I am in need of “bed rest”.

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  4. Oh and yes the RAIN cap is in full effect on my FB page. I feel some more selfies coming on too!

    Thank you my friend, you know why……..SMILES

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  5. Yes indeed baby, yes indeed!! I’m about to throw my back out, trying to dance to this song. Good Gravy! *snapping on my black cap now*

    See, the word “hundred” is the proper way to say it, but if you want to go “hood” with it……it’s “Hunard”….LOL. Boyfriend had me going straight up hood (and I know nothing about the hood either LOL). “Hunard” dollar bills, “hunard” dollar bills baby.

    I believe I heard “sexy Oppa” and of course “Rain effect”. So sexy Oppa is hitting us with that Rain effect. I, for one, can say I feel that effect baby. Got me apologizing for listening to other singers……”I’m sorry, Big Daddy. I didn’t mean it boo!” Can – not – wait to get my CD. I want to play this in my car so bad.

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    • LOL!! Girl, he was straight trash talkin’ about TV dramas and such, I got all that, WHOO hahahaha!

      I can just see you with your RAIN cap on, hehe. ^_~

      He done SHOOK us.

      Stephe ^@@^

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      • LOL. Gurl! I do recall a couple comments back that I “asked” him….nicely…..please, baby please don’t hurt us with the comeback. To which his “reply” was obviously….”girl, please… get ready to clutch your pearls, your mama’s pearls And your grandmama’s pearls for good measure.” LOL.

        I knew when he looked at that camera, it was about to be On. Yesss, consider me SHOOK! Boyfriend better “stop it”….he is about to make me forget he just became a family man. LOL. Geez!

        *as she tries to catch her breath*…………Whew!

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