[49 images][42 clips/cams] Rain in Taiwan filming Korean show Carefree Travelers [뭉쳐야 뜬다]. (11/6 — 11/8)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Image credit: United News.

11/8. Guest star all done and leaving Taiwan for home. Not sure, but looks like the broadcast dates in Korea are in December… 

ETA: Our Sunnypeony tells me the broadcast dates are November 28 and December 5. Thanks, sis! 👍 ^@@^

11/6 — 11/8.  Guest star Rain and the regular cast filming the show in Jiufen, Yeliu, and Toroko National Park in Hualian, etc. You can learn about JTBC’s Carefree Travelers HERE. ^@@^

Cloud Yoshimin’s YouTube playlist of 38 videos. Awesome! ^@@^
(Images credited as tagged.)

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11/6. Going to work, traveling with the Carefree Travelers cast from Incheon Airport (Seoul) to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. ^@@^

(Images: various media as tagged / iMBC / 非凡娛樂 banonestar @ FB)

~ by Cloud USA on November 12, 2017.

8 Responses to “[49 images][42 clips/cams] Rain in Taiwan filming Korean show Carefree Travelers [뭉쳐야 뜬다]. (11/6 — 11/8)”

  1. Nice very nice, RainRain looks good 🤗💦😀


  2. Very nice photos and videos. RAIN is great. They should take the photos of him in his travels, etc. and make books of them to be a part of history.

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  3. While I love to appreciate him in his usual tight pants, he’s rockin’ both pair of those loose leg pants.

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  4. Rain’s episodes of Carefree Travellers will be broadcast in Korea on Nov 28 and Dec 5.


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