[15 images][17 clips][더 유닛] Unit check (Ep. 1): An old Rain/JYP moment, laughter, and a bit of a cry. ❤ (10/28)

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» When the Episode 1 (parts 1 and 2) replay is ready, you’ll be able to watch it in full with English captions on V-Live at this link → http://www.vlive.tv/video/45505

Well, y’all, after many write-ups and filming stills, new KBS2 show The Unit (더 유닛): Idol Rebooting Project is here!  For anyone who needs to catch up, this is a competition/reality TV show where Korean Pop idols who didn’t make it all the way up the ladder to fame the first time will complete missions, showcase their talents, and compete for a second chance at that brass ring. Rain was offered the position of show host (MC) and leader of the mentor team. The mentors joining him are: HyunA, Taemin (of SHINee), SanE, Hwang Chi Yeol, and Jo Hyun Ah.

And, let me tell you — the first episode did not disappoint. Wow.

Down below ↓ : Here in Atlanta, that’s Saturday mornings from 8:15 am to 10 am EST. I can dig that.

When the episode opened and contained a few glimpses of Rain’s teenaged FanClub boy band days, I just melted. How perfect. The reason that’s he’s the best for this job is exactly that. How every contestant feels is deeply ingrained in him because of his FanClub heartache (while popular, the group didn’t quite catch on and the company promoting them failed), and because a second chance as JYPE’s solo artist 비 did make his dreams come true.

Wonder of wonders… MY dream came true when I realized I was looking at English closed captions during the show. Thanks, V-Live!

There were talented kids with interesting stories and suspense building as we waited to see which judges gave a contestant the “thumb’s up.” You could see that the mentors/judges weren’t operating frivolously — every word and decision was weighted by sincerity and thoughtfulness. The girl from the group April was just precious, haha. The girl from the group SPICA was amazing. So polished! One thing I cannot get out of my mind is the way Feeldog of BIGSTAR danced. The kid was like a rubber band. Rain and the other mentors were floored!

My favorite part of this episode: When I saw this hilarious piece of adorableness, LOL … ❤

… I immediately thought about the first time I saw this, mentor JYP using Rain for a TV demonstration a year before his debut. Pass it on and pay it forward, mentor Rain! 😀

Let me slip in here that my girl, mentor HyunA, looked gorgeous. Really glad to see her in this capacity!

At the very end of this week’s show, when members of the idol group HOTSHOT walked on to the stage to audition, Taemin suddenly said something to the effect of “I can’t do this” and broke down. He turned his back and began to cry, in earnest. Of course, we were all like, OMG… what’s wrong, Tae? What just happened? He was so upset. What I have heard down the pike is Timotheo of Hotshot is a childhood friend and his best friend now. I’ve no idea if that’s true, but it’s what some of Tae’s fans are saying.

Gosh… can you imagine, becoming incredibly famous while someone very close to you fails, and now here you stand full circle, having to look at them as a judge? Poor Taemin. He might not be able to do it. He might have to stand down on this one. *sigh*

A pot of pure gold: A 15-video playlist of Episode 1 clips. No English subs. (Source credit: KBSKpop)

Okay, I admit that even though I have a soft spot for these idols, I was basically going to be watching the show to see and support Rain. BUT. Rain’s yummy handsomeness, the show’s format, and the hearts and souls of these young people have all played a part in hooking me like a fish. I’ve begun picking my favorites and emotionally investing in them. And, seeing mentor Rain interacting with them… what a treat.

The Unit will be my early Saturday morning normal for the 13 weeks to come. So excited!

Hoping the many of you also watching will share what you think of the show and other things you’re viewing regularly on our “What Clouds and drama fans are watching right now” post, near the top of this blog. Until next week, tah!

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

(Screen caps sources: Shihorain)


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4 Responses to “[15 images][17 clips][더 유닛] Unit check (Ep. 1): An old Rain/JYP moment, laughter, and a bit of a cry. ❤ (10/28)”

  1. Wow back in the day with JYP and RainRain. Nice 🤗🙂😀


  2. Omg I LOVED the first episode! All the feels… and how cute was Rain??


  3. Love your write-up, Stephe. Looking forward to more. 🙂


  4. Rain’s hair looks phenomenal! So shiny and not one flyaway to be found.
    I enjoyed the YouTube clips and seeing Rain as a baby (teen)!


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