[3 articles][3 clips][2 images] From Stephe’s desk: My take on recent “dancing singer” and “X-Men” news.

Dancing singer. → Frankly, I think this news has been blown way out of proportion. Irresponsible K-Pop sites who distort, embellish, and “fake up” the news have helped with that.

Rain’s Says His Career as a Singer is Nearly Over. Eh, that’s not what he said. Dude specifically talked about his body.

A “dancing singer” is just that — a professional singer who is also a professional dancer and employs both talents equally during performances, what 34-year-old Rain has been for his entire 15-year career thus far. And he cannot be that forever. It’s not humanly possible to dance at the punishing caliber that he does until the end of time, folks, without slowing it down at some point. But with him still bound and determined to reset the bar even higher, and several more killer comebacks in his planning, that isn’t going to happen like tomorrow, geez. And he hasn’t said a damned thing about not being a singer anymore. He still has goals — big ones! Why in heaven’s name would RAIN not sing and put out albums? O_o

He still cuts a mean rug and enjoys doing it!

X-Men. → I’ve been a Marvel and D.C. comic book babe and a serious collector for a long time. So, after Ninja Assassin came out and after I came upon lots and lots of action fans putting Rain in their fan casts (this is one)(this is another)(and another), I told Terri, that’s the ticket! One of the things I want is him in an X-Men movie. The actions fans all over will freak out! 🙂 So, I don’t have to tell you that I was devastated when this news hit. Just. Devastated. I had to take a step back and veg for a good minute. It’s the first time I’ve ever done that crazy K-drama wailing that Korean actresses do:

However. I knew that, realistically, I needed to get over it. 1) I wouldn’t respect him as an actor if he didn’t live up to his responsibilities to Uhm Bok Dong. This movie isn’t some silly K-drama. It’s truly an important stepping stone to the serious, mainstream roles waiting to fuel this stage of his career. I only hope Korea does him right by it. (They usually don’t.) 2) There’s always stuff we don’t know about because we “weren’t in the room.” There’s really no reason to think Rain turned X-Men down frivolously when he doesn’t do frivolous. 3) X-Men and other superhero movies will never dry up. There will always be one. If it’s meant for him, he’ll have one. Or two. Or more.

I allowed myself my disappointment and wallowed in my feelings for a few days, and then got the heck up because life’s too short to be miserable and, frankly, I don’t need an ulcer over something I have no control over, Lol. Yeah, I’ll still feel some kind of way for a while, but at the end of the day, I’ll respect Rain’s decisions even if I don’t like ’em, until he gives me a good reason not to.

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SOOMPI News 6/4/2017 —

ComicBookMovie.com 6/7/2017 —

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~ by Cloud USA on June 12, 2017.

13 Responses to “[3 articles][3 clips][2 images] From Stephe’s desk: My take on recent “dancing singer” and “X-Men” news.”

  1. Hello Clouds J’ai été dans le même état en lisant le message , Rain ne peux pas jouer dans X-men car il n’aura pas fini de tournée son film en Corée T_T

    Comment il peux refuser ce rôle s’il veut continuer à avancer aux Etats-Unis ???
    Mai Rain est un homme bien , et ne reviens pas sur sa parole quand elle est donné . Je ne sais pas si j’aurais la chance de voir Um bok dong en France , mais je sais que je verrais X-men , c’est plus cela qui ma énerver .

    J’espère quans Corée ils vont apprécier son travail à sa juste valeur en allant voir le film 😉 .


  2. Yes, I believe I said that Korea gets first dibs. At this point, I don’t really care anymore. I said what I said at the time. But I will add that I’m too old to make childish comments, so I take umbrage to that inference. Beyond that, we get to feel how we feel and state that accordingly. I’m also one who must edit my comments heavily, as it’s never a good idea to make them when one is Highly annoyed……so I will leave it at that.

    So e’erbody have a great day……………Peace.


  3. I must agree wholeheartedly about the “selfish and shallow baby nonsense” by nutty netizens and some so-called Rain “fans” out there. Makes absolutely NO sense and he doesn’t need that kind of crap for living his life like any human being. They can all shove off.

    Sure, Korean citizens have stood by him in some ways — showing up in throngs in the streets whenever he appears and showing him lots of love in that way… But they’ve been less than stellar when it comes to supporting his dramas and movies, which have been pretty doggone good, for years. That’s why until I see their reaction to and support of the Uhm Bok Dong movie, I’m reserving judgement. And I’m a bit nervous. *sigh*

    Well, it’s no longer about “who gets him first.” That boat sailed long ago. Korea has gotten him first for 15 years and by all rights should have. They’re his people. And they will continue to get him first. There’s no argument there. What it is about is getting some of the crumbs that fall off that table, and only because he’s the one who says he wants us to have some. So, fans in the US are waiting for some, as he has asked them to, for many, many years. Being a bit impatient after all this time is a natural state for anybody, LOL.

    It always cracks me up when I see him perform in a country and after he’s been gone from there for about a week, fans there be whining, “Oppa, please come back, we miss you so.” I be like, dang, a week? if y’all were us, the wait would’ve probably killed you by now! Let the man at least land and get a nap, ahahaha~ 😉

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. RAIN is great. He is who he is. Whatever his choices are, “If I truly care about him as a person and respect him as a person, I will still stand by him regardless of his choices with his career. Let me say this “He is from Korea and that is a fact”. Let’s face some true facts here. His people “Korea” will stand by this guy for sure. Those who love and admire him and respect him for who he is and “not just because he’s famous and we fan him”, we will stand by him (such as myself). There is too much “baby non-sense when it comes to the music industry that goes on and fans can be selfish and shallow”. Not cool. Are we really going to take it there and argue over something as childish as “who gets him first?”. Give me a break. I will say this, It’s far wiser to look before you leap too quickly. I just hope he works with good people and does not get hooked up with people who will cause his destruction or downfall, now if that means filming in Korea, then so be it. What matters most is his happiness, his well-being, safety and his family, working with good people. I’m not just thinking of myself here.


    • It seems this comment is in response to my previous comment. Honestly, I wrote that previous comment it in a lighthearted vein even as I “complained”, but as with many of my comments (as of late) they seem to make people feel some kind of way…..unintentionally, I might add.

      Let me be clear, I don’t argue over or about celebrities that I don’t know and who don’t know me with people I don’t know and who don’t know me. I’m of a certain age and have no time for that. Shallow is the last thing that I am. What I do is express my opinions like everyone else and I’m pretty matter of fact about it. What I stated previously about Rain and his career decisions is a fact. Rain gives his time to his countrymen first. I also said, I can’t be mad at him for that, nor am I. He is a grown ass man, who can do what he damn well pleases….and he does. I am also not mad at that either.

      As far as my fan loyalty goes, I may not be a Korean but I have been a longstanding Cloud since the day I learned of Rain…..that was damn near 10 years ago. I have voted in polls, done art projects, typed words of encouragement at The Cloud, sent gifts, written articles, written fan fiction, sent yellow ribbons to the army barracks during his service, donated monies to charity on his behalf, lambasted reporters for writing BS articles about him, as well as purchased merchandise…and the list goes on. My fan loyalty started at a time when even Rain’s management team had yet to provide a way for U.S. fans to purchase his wares. I’ve been a fan long enough to see that transition happen, so I’d say I’ve been a pretty damned loyal fan here stateside. I spent over 60 bucks on a cotton baseball cap with his name on it, that I sure as hell wouldn’t purchase from anyone else for that amount of money…..Only because it was Rain did I. Not to mention, I purchased another one (through friends) just so I could have the damned thing in both colors….again, for Nobody would I do that other than Rain. I have paid my dues in the “fan loyalty” category many times over.

      Is it about the money I have spent over the years? In the grand scheme of things, not really. What I’ve spent I wanted to spend, nobody made me. Why? Because like everyone here, I believe in the talent of this man. Most importantly, I believe he is genuinely a good person, not a perfect person….but a good one. This belief goes beyond his celebrity, as far as I’m concerned.

      However, I will end with this. I am a fan of Rain true enough…a Cloud to be exact, but I will never lose sight of what the relationship between a fan and a celebrity bias truly is….never. As a fan, I also have the right to decide where my time and efforts are most beneficial to Me juxtapose to My life. If my being a fan of Rain can still coincide with that, then it’s all good. But I won’t ever forget what I am in his world…..a fan….nothing more, nothing less…and That is what it is. Nothing shallow about it.


      • I hear ya, BiAlamode, and I totally get where you’re coming from.

        First of all, why CAN’T I whine just a little about Rain not coming over to The States and working here–like he has been PROMISING to do for literally YEARS and still has not done? After all, am I not an avid “supporter” too–just like his Korean “fans” are? Am I less of a fan, or less of a supporter just because I don’t live in Korea? Wait. Let me answer that myself: NO, I’M NOT.

        Like you, and many of his other fans, I buy his merchandise. I buy his music. I support his official fan club and activities every way I can think of from WAY over here on the other side of the ocean. Heck, Stephe and I even created an entire fan site where we PROMOTE the guy to other fans literally all over the world. So, I don’t really understand why it’s a problem for anyone out there that some of his long-time fans here in the USA were a wee bit disappointed after hearing that he had turned down a U.S. movie role. Especially when MANY of us have never even seen him live because we can’t afford to go traipsing off to Asia on a last minute jaunt to a live show. Yeah. Just a tad frustrating.

        That being said, my disappointment in his turning down the role in the next X-Men movie wasn’t just for ME. The frustration I felt was also for HIM. Here, yet again, was another opportunity LOST for him to be introduced to the mainstream U.S. audience in one of the top-grossing movie franchises of all time. When I think of what that kind of exposure could have meant for him in Hollywood, my heart just–well–hurt.

        I’m not disappointed in his not taking the opportunity. I’m disappointed in his not GETTING the opportunity.

        There’s a big difference.


        Terri :-}

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thanks Terri. You feel exactly the same as I do. Yes, we get to feel frustrated as fans, we’ve been waiting……forever….seems like. But like you said, when you know that the man has the damned talent to make it over here, it’s as if an invisible brick wall seems to be perpetually keeping him from making a true transition to this side of the ocean. I don’t quite know what to think anymore. Well, actually I do, but I’ll save that for another day.


        • Oh and high five’s on that not being able to “hop a plane and fly overseas at a moments notice” statement. Heck, I have to plan just to travel for a weekend here in the dang States. If I could just show you the look that would be on my husband’s face if I said I wanted to fly to Korea just to see Rain in concert. LOL. Yeah, I had to laugh off of that myself. SMILES……………


  5. Oh and BTW……..nowhere has it crossed my mind that Rain would give up singing on stage. Honey, singers can sit and sing. Many a dancing singer has done it as they’ve aged. Tina Turner (before she retired) had a whole acoustic segment on her 24/7 Tour (if memory serves). This gave her an opportunity to rest for a significant portion of her concert and then close that sucker out with high energy. I’ve seen her perform live in concert twice. The first time she danced nonstop in high heels for over 2.5 hours, the second time I saw her in concert, she had to take more breaks. So, Rain and acoustic singing…..yes, I can see dancing performers like Rain doing something to this effect, as they phase out the high energy dancing from their live shows. It’s the natural order of things and wouldn’t be a big deal. SMILES. He could also do a Rain-and-one-of-his-seniors-duets-album…..think ala Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. Their album was quite popular. There’s all kinds of ways for this singer dancer to phase into another way of stage performing.


    • IKR?? The man who was his manager here in the States around the time he went into the military said the same thing to the press and gave Rain that very same advice. He said that Rain was unique, talented, and driven enough to have a career as long and varied as an entertainer like Frank Sinatra. And if you look back over his past 15, that’s kind of obvious.

      Dude is driven. Not to mention, a master at reinventing himself, life changes or no life changes.

      Stephe ^@@^

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  6. You know……………here’s where I take off my “dreamy-eyed fangirl hat” and put on my “annoyed fan girl hat.” Here’s the thing (from my perspective), I agree with your take on this as far as Rain making calculated career decisions. He’s quite particular and precise, just like his dancing. This much is evident. What is also clear is his undying loyalty to his native country Korea. This is also quite evident. I agree with you that when it comes to decisions that a celeb makes as we are not “in the room” and therefore not privy to any extenuating circumstances. This is very much true as well. Now, let me put my “annoyed International fangirl hat” for a minute.

    Now from the perspective of the international fans, this super talent they’ve come to love and salivate over……promises and promises and promises to bring his sexy wares across the water, but somehow (when the dust settles) Korean fans always get first dibs. I’ve come to expect this is the way it will be. I used to get hella excited at the prospect of Rain working over here. Hey, I’ve even written about it …SMILES….but Korea has got him on lock. Now, when I say on “lock”….I am speaking figuratively not literally (don’t get it twisted peeps). Korean projects (whatever they are, whenever they are) will always get him first. For an international fangirl………..this Suuuuuucks! The crazy part about it is…..you can’t really be mad about it either. Who can be mad about a man loyal to his homeland? Then you feel like a shallow minded fan girl. *hangs head in fangirl shame*……SMILES The question is how long do you follow the career of a celeb who has shown you where his/her loyalty is? Real talk.


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