[image] Instagrams abound: 비 wants you to see he’s eating well. (4/27)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

He’s fed, hydrated, excited, and ready to meet and high-five his fans.

I see cool-looking Rain goods, and what seems to be yummy foods sent by Clouds. Dig in! ^@@^

(His hashtags: #nagoya #beforeperforming #eattolive ㅠ #thanksmyfans)

~ by Cloud USA on April 27, 2017.

19 Responses to “[image] Instagrams abound: 비 wants you to see he’s eating well. (4/27)”

  1. I wanted the black hat….Dang it! Should’ve given us a choice. Dee would’ve had both colors. SMILES……..

    Oh well……..*as she perches her white hat atop her head* SMILES.

    Looking like a “king” eating his personal feast. LOL. He looks like he may pop your knuckles with his chopsticks if you try to take any of his food too…or is that my imagination? LOL.


    • Hey, I have a black hat for you. My second package was delayed, but just came. Yay! ^@@^

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    • Uh, yeah… Don’t reach for Rain’s food. You will draw back a nub, ahahaha! ^@@^


    • @BiAlamode What? What?! *head snaps around in triple take* I thought that at the last minutes the hats weren’t made available to U.S. fans? (Although maybe I should not be assuming you’re in the U.S.?)


      • @Beez, I’m in the U.S. The hats were/are available to U.S. fans. I purchased mine online. Stephe did a post a few weeks back regarding the availability of the hat and how to purchase, etc. Scroll back and look for the post where Bi is wearing the hat in white. The link is there in that post, as well as, instructions.

        If you remember, initially Clouds were asked if they wanted hats and how many, so that Bi’s people could get a head count as to how many hats they should make. We did that and when they were ready, the hats were made available for purchase online.


        • Right. I emailed Stephe that I’d be participating and ordering but I could of sworn that after that, we were told they wouldn’t be available. Wth? *scratchin’ my head*

          So can I still order? Anybody got a link to the online store/ site?


      • I’ve kept the post BiAlamode is talking about stickied near the top of the blog…

        Stephe ^@@^


        • Ok. I’m always on my phone so maybe that’s why I can’t see it. I’ll dig out ye olde laptop and get busy crossing my fingers for a white one.


          • Okay! Let me know how it goes. All the info is in my post and it was surprisingly a painless process for the most part. 🙂 There are still hats available online at Gmarket, I just checked. ^@@^


  2. Just where is out Global Star staying? If that’s his hotel – Lawd have mercy!

    I expect to see 5 star hotel sofas and tables. But I’m always struck by and admiring his still down-to-earth ways cause that corner of wherever he is looks like “Ant’ny down the block’s house” where we use to hang out for unplanned get together parties when I was a teenager. lol *Thanks for the memories, Rain* lololool

    *It all makes sense in my head*


    • LOL 😉 I’m thinking that’s a modest corner of a waiting room somewhere behind the scenes at the fan meet venue, seeing as Clouds were able to have gifts delivered… But I don’t know for sure.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • LOL……….as modest and down to earth as he still is, make no mistake…..JiHoon Jung does “swank” as well. There is a pic that comes to mind of him luxuriating in the back of a limo (with his feet up) when he was in the U.K. for a MCM store appearance. I also recall another pic of him sipping champagne like the VIP that he is. SMILES……

      Every now and again you will see pics of him doing his “celebrity thing” and you are reminded of his status, however, he doesn’t like to flaunt his luxuries, or so it would seem. The rest of us mere mortals might lose our minds in this regard and have to be put in check, but not Bi. LOL. Publicly, at least, he has always been this way. That’s what so cool about him, he could be a straight up celebrity snob but he is so not. SMILES. Oh and if you want to get and idea of the kind of property he owns, watch the video of his workout routine. He filmed that in the basement of his home (one of his homes). You’ll hear an echo…….why?…….because it’s a big ass house that’s why. He’s got a 5-star lifestyle that’s for sure. SMILES………

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      • Yup. I watched the workout vid. I mentioned the down to earth-ness because I first realized it in that documentary about him (I think he was filming The Prince at the time) and he went to that hole in a wall beauty shop where he washed his own hair standing up over the drain. I was impressed at the lack of vanity and the loyalty and support for the person doing his hair when he obviously could afford to go somewhere where they serve champagne while massaging his feet while his head lay back in the bowl.

        And before I’d heard all the talk about all the real estate he owns, there was an episode of Running Man where they went to a mansion (for some reason) and Lee Kwang soo was freaking out saying to Rain “Wow! Did you see that? Look at this! Have you ever seen something like this in a house before?” And Rain casually yet modestly said “My house has that” and you could see Lee Kwang soo’s brain clicking in like “Oh. He’s so cool I wasn’t thinking about who I was saying that to”. You could tell he just hadn’t thought about this super grounded person that I feel relaxed with is THAT person on a career level. lol

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      • Well said, BiA. 🙂

        Stephe ^@@^


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