[video] Instagrams abound: 비 wants you to see… (4/4)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

… that he’s in serious training for his upcoming movie role as winning cyclist, historical figure, and people’s hero Uhm Bok Dong! Wattbike indoor training bikes are used by professional, amateur, and Olympic cyclists alike to unleash their full potential… we certainly expect no less of Rain when it comes to preparing to portray such a legendary person. We really wanted this role for him. Thumbs up! Filming for the movie starts this month. ^@@^

#엄복동 (#uhmbokdong)


~ by Cloud USA on April 5, 2017.

9 Responses to “[video] Instagrams abound: 비 wants you to see… (4/4)”

  1. Hubby is a cyclist (by hobby, not profession), so this new movie role has me very interested. I can’t wait to see more of Bi’s training routine. I showed this Instagram post to hubby yesterday, just to pique his curiosity. SMILES. I won’t be surprised if we see Rain in upcoming ads for biking gear.

    Cycling is not a cheap hobby BTW….starting with the bike wear, from the helmet to the shoe clips. Don’t get me started on the bike itself. I look at hubby sometimes like….”dang, dude this is like maintaining a car and all its parts.” SMILES. We were at the bike shop just this past weekend.

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    • COOL! 😃 ^@@^


    • interesting. When I was young and athletic, I tried the type of cycling with the butt raised, handle bars down. It was so uncomfortable. This time, I didn’t even attempt to fool myself and bought a blue girl’s bike with the lowered crotch bar complete with pretty white basket decorated with flowers and butterflies. lol


      • Yes, I understand about it being a bit uncomfortable…and I’ve got a bad back so I do know. We were at the bike shop, actually, because hubby is trying to get me fitted for a bike similar to his. My old one is a regular road bike and too heavy to keep up with his at times. Believe me, I don’t ride like he does. LOL. I’m a “fair weather” bike rider….SMILES. Even so, if I get a lighter bike I can “try” to keep up a little bit better. Cycling is great cardio though and I’ll probably die from lack of oxygen once I get back on it again. SMILES.


        • @bialamode – So your new bike is going to be the hunched over kind?


          • When I finally get it, yes. However, it will be fitted to me and I will have them raise the bars a bit. The bike I have now leans like that as well but not as far as hubby’s. I’m not hard core like that. SMILES.


  2. Oh. I should have said I’m so glad Rain got the part. His face looks so determined in this vid so we know what we can expect from the James Brown of S. Korea a/k/a Mr. Hardest Working Man in Hallyu.


  3. Everybody wants to get in on the thigh action. Honestly! I can see the guy directing his form, lining him up correctly, but I didn’t see Rain adjust or change anything as he touched him so it looked like gratuitous touching to me. Kind of like when a guy is going to help you with your batting or golf swing and everybody knows he could help better my standing at a distance to correct your body alignment and what you’re doing wrong but noooooooo –
    he has to stand behiiiind you…


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