[jacket image][comeback] Best Gift. (최고의 선물)


R.A.I.N. Company released this jacket image today (January 2) with the caption “Best Gift” [최고의 선물] in anticipation of Rain’s new music coming on January 15.

Dead sexy. Like fi-yah! 🔥 ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on January 2, 2017.

13 Responses to “[jacket image][comeback] Best Gift. (최고의 선물)”

  1. Much congratulations to RAIN and Kim Tae Hee. Wishing them both much love and happiness and God’s blessing.


  2. Is there a way to pre-order for his new CD? I live in the States and I want to order it 😦


    • There was a post for pre-orders of Rain’s new CD back on December 19th. Scroll down a little further from this post and you’ll see it. However, I think the time period for taking pre-orders through this blog is closed now (if I’m not mistaken).


  3. Oh and I’m loving that his album is released on MLK week. I’ll have two things to celebrate.

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  4. Good Lawd!! One sexy ass $&$@)&?!($? right there! Sorry, no other way to say it ladies….and yes we deserve this pic. Yes indeed! Brotha has me looking for some black feathers right now. 😜😉

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  5. I like this pictures !! J’aime bien ce nouveau look , pour le nouvel album ! Thank for Sharing !!
    And Happy New Year Dear Cloud !!!!


  6. Love that hat🤗💦🤠 Did RainRain dye his hair gray? 🤔😮💦😀


  7. The best gift worth unwrapping and unwrapping…..And so looking to doing just that when I get it. Haha


  8. This jacket is Superb! I think it’s genuine to Rain style taste in music and influences. I truely respect that. In an era where artist conform to what’s popular. Rain/ Jung Ji Hoon continues to pave the way with his own style. Smiles from Puerto Rico #raincomeback fightin.


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