[2 articles][blast from the past] Get out your umbrellas! A Rain music comeback is coming next month. 🌂☔️

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Rain’s comeback has been confirmed by R.A.I.N. Company’s tweet on 12/12. You can see the Korean article they referenced on Naver Entertainment News HERE. 🙂

As if the new music isn’t enough, I’m really excited about Rain and Kang HoDong — one of my favorite TV show hosts — being together on the small screen again! Some of the most hilarious TV watching ever was with these two jokesters clowning around on MBC’s Golden Fishery (below), and Strong Heart, and many other variety shows during Rain’s entire career.

MBC’s Match Made In Heaven from 2003, in particular, still makes me bust a gut. That one guy looked like he was having convulsions. The other one jacked his neck up with just one Rain move. I was on the ground with HoDong. LMAO! (of course, Rain was killing it)

Knowing Brothers is probably going to be one for the record books. Can’t wait!

For a glimpse at Rain and hyung HoDong back in the day, you can visit my previous post » Reebok community selects Rain as the No. 2 star with the most energy (10/28/2010).

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MWave 12/13/2016 — by Susan Min, CJ E&M eNewsWorld

Rain to make a comeback in January


Artist Rain is making a comeback next January.

On December 13, according to Rain′s agency, the artist will be making a comeback in January. Rain has already recorded several tracks and will be making his final preparations for his comeback.

The upcoming album will mark Rain′s first comeback in 3 years since the release of his 6th album Rain Effect in 2014.

Additionally, Rain plans to actively appear on variety programs to promote his new album. For his first appearance, Rain is currently in discussions to appear on JTBC′s Knowing Bros.

Photo credit: RAIN Company

HanCinema 12/12/2016 —

Rain to come back as a singer through “Knowing Brother”


Jeong Ji-hoon is coming back.

According to several sources, Rain is currently putting the final touches on his album and is coming back in January. He’s determined to take over the gayo world in the New Year. This is his first album in 3 years.

There is a shortage of solo males in the gayo industry these days. The album which Rain is coming out with for the first time in 3 years has many anxiously waiting.

Rain is going to make his first TV appearance through the JTBC show “Knowing Brother”.

Hopefully, the actor and singer can handle the ‘bullying’ of Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Kim Hee-cheol and more. EXID Honey is starring in the show with him.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20…

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5 Responses to “[2 articles][blast from the past] Get out your umbrellas! A Rain music comeback is coming next month. 🌂☔️”

  1. Je suis impatiente d’écouter ce nouvel album !!!


  2. I have a feeling this album is going to be very successful. And I’m anxiously waiting to purchase it. And play it day and night. Warm smiles clouds


  3. I am on pins and needles. I have a third of his songs memorized. I need a new infusion that only my curious boy can give me.


  4. I don’t even have to hear it. I’m going to buy it…….period. I can’t see him in person, so his music is a must have. True Cloud right here boo!



  5. Oh yea!!! 🤗 Can’t wait. 💦💦💦


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