[series][clips] From Stephe’s desk: Rain (비) TV performances that made me wanna shout. (#2)


What: The 2008 MKMF (Mnet KM Music Festival, now known as the MAMAs)

Where: South Korea

When: 11/15/2008

How many times it made me want to shout: 8

1) That walking on water illusion. What an incredible idea. Dude knew how to make an entrance!

2) The way he fearlessly danced down that 45°+ moving incline as it slid towards the floor, betting his life on only a harness… wow. Talk about putting your trust in something! That was a long way to fall, brutha. Here’s a fan cam at the top of the incline, where you can see the line holding Rain as he stepped out pretty much into thin air. I about passed out. You are The Man, 비. Much respect! Good lord!

3) That burgundy-tinted hair. Gosh, that shade looked so good on him. He said in later interviews that he hadn’t liked it much, but I don’t know about that. Since when has Mr. Meticulous appeared in public looking any way but how he wants to look (except in the military)? Jihoonie don’t play that. *finger wag*

4) OMG, “Only You.” The Rain song with the best grind choreography ever. Mnet knew it, too, and since it was national TV, seemed to only show him from a distance during those times, haha! There were some fan cams that didn’t cut away, however. Thank God for Clouds!

5) His dancing was so on point for every song. I can certainly understand why. He’d been away from the South Korean music scene for 3 years, living abroad much of the time and filming Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin and promoting them in the U.S. and other countries. He was finally able to cut that long “Raizo” hair off and put his dancing shoes back on for this, his official return to the stage in his country at a prestigious annual event. Rain on stage is a happy camper. He’d really missed it.

6) His “Don’t Stop” choreography has always shown just how much of a rubber band his body is, and shown it well. Enough said.

7) Holy cow. Am I wrong to say his dance breaks are always to die for? Check out this fan cam POV of his second dance break and “Rainism.”

8) There are a lot of great “Rainism” performances out there, but this one will always be my favorite and Top Dog of the bunch. Everything about it was so slick and worked together perfectly, from the clothes to the movements to the energy behind those movements. It just had that extra “umph!” to it, and of course it would. It was a very important moment in his career. He had something to prove. Not only was he back, he was back on his own — without JYP, for the very first time since before debut. He was his own man and South Korea was watching.

bonus2And a Bonus: Episode 52 from Season 1 of Rain’s Mnet reality TV show in Japan, RAINY DAY, where we got to see behind the scenes at the MKMF and backstage as he and his fabulous crew got ready to tear it up. This was the last episode of that season, with Season 2 picking up sometime in 2009.

I can’t tell you how much I miss watching this show. ㅜ_ㅜ Enjoy! 🙂

Next time, we’ll head to the year 2012 for a special performance that Rain had early in his military duties as MMA ambassador. He was all kinds of handsome, yowzaaaaa.

See you then!

Stephe @ cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

» [series][clip] From Stephe’s desk: Rain (비) TV performances that made me wanna shout. (#1)




~ by Cloud USA on May 19, 2016.

11 Responses to “[series][clips] From Stephe’s desk: Rain (비) TV performances that made me wanna shout. (#2)”

  1. Merci pour le partage , j’aime beaucoup cette perf de Rain 😉


  2. Love memory lane Stephe. Love the performances, RainRain’s moves leaves me breathless 😛👏🏾😀💦 Thanks for sharing 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stephe, thank you. I can not wait for each of your posts. you are taking me on a magical journey with RAIN. It is just incredible and I don’t want it to end. You are so wonderful to help some of us to catch up. As for his hair I like is short and dark like the cut in Fugitive Plan B for sexy and My lovely Girl cut for a take home to mom look. He got the looks and confident to make any style look fantastic. What can I say he is “JUST PERFECT”

    Liked by 1 person

    • @libbie1124 He did have perfect hair in Runaway Plan B. Perfect color, perfect body (talkin’ about hair this time), perfect cut. Even when the wind blew, even throughout all that action, it returned to place. And softly, without any stiff hairspray or gel look.


  4. I like all versions of Rain, but I’ve got to admit, I loved his Ninja Assassin hairdo. And when his hair was long pre-Ninja Assassin, the interviews on YouTube where the male interviewers/hosts can’t resist joking and competing about making Rain their girlfriend (even though he looks manly) but he was just so gosh darn dat gummit dat blame beautiful.


    • I loved his long hair, just loved it. He did a poll on Twitter once, before military, about which hairstyle we fans liked best. He chuckled at the results and said, “Asian fans like my short hair and USA fans like my long hair.” I was like, I know that’s right! Haha 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


      • I just re-read through the blog-post above again and it doesn’t mention his hair. It must have been one of the previous posts that said something about being glad he cut off his ninja assassin hair? (That’s why I mentioned it but I must have put my comment on the wrong blog. )


        • Under reason #3, I mentioned how he’d said he hadn’t liked his burgundy-tinted hair much. Under reason #5, I mentioned him cutting his long hair off, but that’s all I said about it. Funny enough, though, during his 24 Hours: The Day DVD, he indeed said he couldn’t stand his Ninja Assassin hair because it was hard to maintain… You probably did see something on another blog, maybe? 🙂

          Stephe ^@@^


          • Thanks Stephe, when I skimmed through it the second time, I didn’t scroll down far enough. You know, I have to ration these things and try not to look or my entire day is gone watching and re-watching his dancing. *sigh*

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