[6 videos][돌아와요 아저씨] Come Back, Mister check: After the 2/24 premiere. Catch up on trailers/episode previews here!

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


The Come Back, Mister page on DramaFever is HERE, folks.

Get on over there and sign up for epis and alerts, become a fan, and start watching episodes English-subbed and in crystal clarity! ^@@^

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2/24/2016. Episode 2 preview (2/25), 28 sec. (Source: DramaSBS @YT.)

2/21/2016. First broadcast notice, 1:02 min. (Source: SBSNOW @YT.)

2/21/2016. Kim Soo Ro & Oh Yeon Seo story, 1:03 min. (Source: SBSNOW @YT.)

2/21/2016. Kim In Kwon & Jung Ji Hoon story, 44 sec. (Source: SBSNOW @YT.)

2/21/2016. Video Highlights, 10 mins. (Source: SBSNOW @YT.)

2/17/2016. Teaser #4, 27 sec. (Source: SBSNOW @YT.)

~ by Cloud USA on February 25, 2016.

5 Responses to “[6 videos][돌아와요 아저씨] Come Back, Mister check: After the 2/24 premiere. Catch up on trailers/episode previews here!”

  1. Ok, I just watched episode 2……….Loved it. Since there are others who haven’t seen it, I won’t go into detail. However, Sweetness doesn’t disappoint, classic Rain. Let’s just say, with all the characters intrigue grips you pretty early on. Oh and Rain’s role……the twist…..way cool. I can’t wait to see how his character(s) unfolds. Gosh, I think I may have to move my future comments over to the “What Clouds Are Watching” thread, cause you know Dee wants to talk about it. SMILES!

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  2. Yep, normal reaction – welcome to the RAIN Club 😀👏🏾💦


  3. Here is my response to some of the Netizen review of it “I believe we are in for a roller coaster of ride with this one. Korean melodrama at its best. Just when you think this can’t be a comedy and will RAIN be able to match the solid dramatic lead in. WHAM! blindsided by the slap stick ending of episode one. This is why I love Korean dramas. I can hardly wait for the next episode.” Just from the lead in, this will be the chance will get to see RAIN show his talent for multi dimensional roles. The reaction on DramaFever has been mixed but most of it was concerning the two leading ladies. And this was before it aired.

    I also had to give a few of them the following : 101 How to view an Asian Drama

    Before we get started on reviewing RAIN latest endeavor. A suggestion on how to watch a Kdrama/Melodrama. 1) Never think the opening and closing teasers are entirely accurate. 2) These are melodramas so logic and reality is suspended for the sake of the storyline. 3) Remember you may be watching a live act take on a Manga/web-toons story; need I say more. 4) Every country has their own take on morality some more than other. A little tolerance is advise. Just hang in there for the finale if you have invested a lot of time into it ( you are at the half way mark in episodes) , at least stay to see rule 5) Never expect a satisfactory ending with most k-Dramas. It all depends on how badly they have painted themselves into a corner or screwed up the original storyline. The endings sometimes is worth the wait. But most of all, this suppose to be entertainment, lighten up a little. I intend to enjoy RAIN if nothing else

    I apology for the lengthy response, but I just way I feel when I see Netizens at work.(OMG I hope I am not turning into one !!)


  4. I watched the premiere episode last night. I can’t say how I feel about the story just yet, but I just want to see more of Bi right now. Is that bad? SMILES


    • Nope, that is an absolutely normal reaction! 🙂 I would expect no less from any one of us. Terri has watched Epi 1 but I haven’t. I felt like holding off until Epi 2 because I didn’t think Rain would make it into the first one, with the 2 dead guys’ stories having to be set up first… I’m going to watch them together back to back, tonight… that’s my plan, at least.

      Stephe ^@@^


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