[6 videos][돌아와요 아저씨] Come Back, Mister check: 2 weeks before premiere. Catch up on teasers here!

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The Come Back, Mister page on DramaFever is HERE, folks.

Get on over there and sign up for epis and alerts (episodes start in the latter part of February), and become a fan!

I want DF to hurry up and get that page up to speed. Now that the particulars of the TV drama are confirmed, there’s no sense in having a generic page. JMHO ^@@^

2/20/2016. Teaser #3 LONG, 1:04 min. (Source credit: DramaSBS @YT.)

2/10/2016. Teaser #3 SHORT, 30sec. (Credit: SBS / Courtesy of mazingga0625)

2/9/2016. Behind the scenes video. (Source: SBSNOW @Twitter)

2/4/2016. Behind the scenes video. (Credit: SBS/ Courtesy of ratoka)

1/31/2016. Teaser #2, 30 sec. (Source: SBSNOW @YT.)

1/18/2016. Teaser #1, 40 sec. (Source: SBSNOW @YT.)


~ by Cloud USA on February 12, 2016.

3 Responses to “[6 videos][돌아와요 아저씨] Come Back, Mister check: 2 weeks before premiere. Catch up on teasers here!”

  1. Oui la il va avoir un super rôle avec une double facette je pense , je pense ce sera un bon drama 😉


  2. I feel you on the roles RAIN has been playing. I have not seen the Diamond Lover yet. I have always thought he had great comedic timing. He has great acting talent. I would love to see him in more challenging roles.


  3. This drama looks like it is going
    to be very good. I was starting
    to get tired of seeing Rain play the cold-hearted wealthy businessman who learns to open himself up to love by a young woman. Admittedly? I lost interest in Diamond Lover and was not upset when there was an announcement that the remaining episodes who not be subtitled in English. Come Back Mister looks like a meaty role where Rain will get to show his acting chops.

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