[10 images][돌아와요 아저씨] Come Back, Mister check. (Including a picture from Rain.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

koddoOQY_400x400The Come Back, Mister page on DramaFever is HERE, folks.

Get on over there and sign up for epis and alerts (episodes start in the latter part of February), and become a fan!

I want DF to hurry up and get that page up to speed. Now that the particulars of the TV drama are confirmed, there’s no sense in having a generic page. JMHO ^@@^

1/13/2016. 비 wants you to see… that he was freezing his patootie clean off on the set this day. And that poor doggie, too. Aw, bless their hearts! ❤ 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: rain_oppa @Instagram. “Cold… I’m cold” ‪#‎ComeBackMister‬ ‪#‎cold‬ ‪#‎strong‬ ‪#‎dog‬ )



1/14/2016. Filming at Incheon Airport. According to picture taker Mae Mae, security was strict and watching Rain like a hawk the entire time. ^@@^ (Image credit: Mae Mae ‏@namaexo)



1/14/2016. And… it begins, folks! Rain on set. Now you know where Rain was when he posted THIS video and THIS pic on his Instagram. And you also know he was freezing his butt off. Brrrr! ^@@^ (Images credit:  诗长青L @ Weibo)



(I’m not sure where or when the picture below ↓ ↓ was taken. But, it was posted by the same young lady (staffer?) as the above pictures were, and on the same day. So. Until I find out the particulars, I’m posting it here. ^@@^)


(Image credit: hotdogschool2015 @IG)


1/12/2016. (Image credit: hotdogschool2015 @IG)


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2 Responses to “[10 images][돌아와요 아저씨] Come Back, Mister check. (Including a picture from Rain.)”

  1. I just discovered Rain while watching Korean Dramas—and I love him–I have tried to watch all his dramas–would like to be able to see his movies also —I don’t know how to get his movies—Anyway. I love Rain and his story.. So heartwarming to see him be a star. I missed the Squall —only saw the ending. But I was happy to see Rain.

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