6 Responses to “[Concert info][V App][Rain links][fan made] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 12/1 — 12/31.”

  1. Oh and I chuckled when he said “no chicken, ever.” Still traumatized by that Ninja Assassin workout I see. Too funny!

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  2. I just watched Bi’s workout video again, but with the English subs this time. Having a personal gym at home is a luxury, I wish we had. Sometimes dealing with people at the gym can be annoying, especially when you have to wait to get to the machine(s) you want to use. SMILES.

    Two things he mentioned I can totally relate to. (1) I was told by my dentist last year that I grind my teeth too. I also have a mouth guard and I only slept with it until the pain in my jaw went away. It’s so Not sexy. LOL. (2) I can relate to being hungry after working out too, but what we do sometimes is not eat prior to working out also. The goal….to burn our already existing fat calories. We try to get to the gym at 7 or 8 in the morning, when we work out together. Hubby goes even earlier when it’s just him. We’ve also done midnight workouts too. So I do get it. We did legs today and mine are fatigued right now. SMILES.

    Sorry Bi, I have been guilty of snacking sometimes at night. But you challenge me to do whole lot more ab work. That’s the hardest thing for me, it’s also where I carry my weight the most. SMILES. Oh well, I just have to keep plugging along. Thanks for the extra motivation….and The General, way too cute.

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  3. Love the pictures – thanks for sharing


  4. The workout video………*Squeeeee!* I’m gonna watch it again when I get home. I had to keep the sound down at work today.

    I’m so gonna show hubby this video. There’s some variations Rain did on some of the exercises hubby does as well. Then hubby “tortures” me with these moves.

    I told you he had been putting in time on that bench press. Also, the legs in the air while holding up your hind quarters…….I’ve done it too Bi (not his way of course) and it’s oh-so-hard to do. It’s not easy…..any of it. Loved getting a peek inside the “inner sanctum” that is Rain. SMILES

    Oh and Bi………the video…..you…..spread eagle…..Good Lawd help a noona! SMILES.

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  5. Superbe article ❤ Comme d'habitude 😉
    Et très belle photo de Notre Rain ❤ ❤


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