[images][2 vids] Posts abound: 비 also wants you to see that he’s on V-Live.tv!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

*UPDATE: Terri and I have downloaded the V-app to our phones and are happily enjoying the 비쇼 (Rain V Show) there! Even more so because there are English subs! We hope you’re all enjoying it with us! *HAPPY* 😀

Rain, we can’t thank you enough for doing this for your domestic and international fans. It’s like manna from heaven to those who live so very far away from South Korea and Asia. Thank you. From the bottom of our collective heart. ❤ ^@@^


That’s right. He’s got a new channel on Naver Corp.’s V-Live real-time broadcasting app especially for celebs. 😀

RainVLiveChannel_CUSASoooo… download the V app from the App Store or Google Play, subscribe to Rain’s new channel, and watch his live videos like the one below, where CDL is becoming R.A.I.N. Company. The celebs can even real-time chat with fans if they choose to. Too cool.

I haven’t tried to download it to my own phone yet, so I don’t know the particulars or even if I can. But I’m urging everyone to give it a shot if you haven’t already. Rain needs some support over there. So, go! Go now! 🙂 ^@@^

(Video preview source: http://www.vlive.tv/video/3819)

It’s really nice that a kind soul has re-upped Rain’s first full VLive.tv show (12/3, not subbed) so that everyone can see this very candid, personal Rain, but I’m hoping that the vast majority of fans make sure to watch his shows on his channel so that he gets credit for every single view. That’s very important these days. ^@@^

» LINK: [Full]15-12-03 Rain (40 min)



~ by Cloud USA on December 3, 2015.

13 Responses to “[images][2 vids] Posts abound: 비 also wants you to see that he’s on V-Live.tv!”

  1. I’m watching the Vlive YT video on my computer at work. Rain is too funny…..and competitive as hell. LOL. He wanted that first place spot. Oh and people are a trip. Somebody called him old, somebody else said he looked like a drug junkie. I’m like dang……that’s hard core. He looks just as slender as the average Korean male IMO. He’s just working out more people. LOL. Losing inches off your ass has a tendency to happen when you do that. He should tell these critics of his visuals to post their photos and let’s have a little “look see”…..since they calling me old. LOL. Of course he laughs it off, no big deal.

    I like seeing him kind of out of his element with the live TV thing. He’s cute with it, as in his mannerisms. SMILES.


    • LOL!! It is mind-boggling what some “fans” will say to him live. LMAO! Folks are lucky because if I were him, I wouldn’t have chats because there’s always somebody who will come across like a jackass. Who needs that. ^@@^


      • I know at one point in the video he said…..”show a little heart” as he pressed his fingers together like just a smidgen. This was after someone called him old one time too many.

        First of all, I want to say to Rain always remember Baby Boo that the ones who make those kinds of comments are usually 21 and under….young and highly immature. Comments like that “scream” juvenile. So, you know that more than likely that’s what you’re dealing with…..immature kids. Not to be taken seriously…..at all. So brush that off your shoulder Sweetness. You are like fine wine (emphasis on Fine), so “sip” on that youngins.

        I think another comment he saw one time too many was the “you’re so good looking” comment. LOL. He said (at one point)……”yes, I know I’m good looking.” Now THAT made me laugh out loud at my desk. In other words, good mercy how many times am I going to read that same statement. SMILES. I got the feeling that he wanted people to engage him but with something different that he could respond to.

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        • Unfortunately the different stuff he might want to talk about gets bulldozed over by all of the inane stuff, the chat goes so fast that it doesn’t get seen. Poor guy.

          Yeah, I belly-laughed at the “yes, I know I’m good looking” too, Lol~ I love his wit sometimes, haha ♡ My favorite thing so far is when he was asked if he’d had plastic surgery and he responded he would be crying if this was his face after plastic surgery. ROFL~ I don’t know how long I laughed, he tickled me so. He’s so funny and his comedic timing is great. He’d be awesome on Gag Concert or SNL. 🙂 ^@@^


          • Unfortunate indeed. Yeah, it’s a valiant effort (on his part) but those of us who could offer an actual conversation will never get seen. You are so right. Sometimes I think that’s why I don’t sign up for some of this stuff. I’m of an age where trying to compete for time among a sea of youngsters is not my idea of a good time. You know? LOL.

            It’s kinda like when you get to a certain age and you want everything just so. You want to sit in your comfy chair, in your comfy jeans, wearing your comfy slippers, etc., etc. All this other stuff is extra and you don’t feel like being bothered. LOL. That’s how I know I’m getting on in years. LOL.


  2. Oh BTW, Stephe have you or Terri been able to chat with him on the VLive app yet? I can imagine it’s been pandemonium trying to get a word in. Kinda like a race at the dog track or the Kentucky derby…..LOL. Honey, once the bell opens the gate……hold on to your hats. LOL. If I ever download the app, I will certainly try to get my two cents in. Although for me the “race” will probably be more like the “Tortoise and the Hare”, with me being a very slow tortoise. SMILES………………….


    • One thing about that V App chat… you nailed it, complete pandemonium! The chat scrolls so fast because of the number of fans posting messages, it’s hard to even see your own, or to keep up with anything chatters are saying. LOL! You also miss a lot of what he’s doing and saying by zeroing in on the chatter, so most of the time I have it turned off and just pay attention to him. So far, I’ve only said brief things in reaction to what’s happened on screen and made sure that they knew the USA was in tha house. I think doing anything else is like pissing in the dark — 99% of the time, you miss the target completely LOL~

      Gah, it’s so much fun, though.

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Huge thank you for putting a VLivetv channel on YT. Even though the videos are not subtitled, for those of us “App deficient” fans it’s a plus to be included. Besides, you can’t beat the “visuals”……and one very specific visual at that. I’ll listen to Korean all day long coming from said visual. SMILES……………………….

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  4. Well damn……………I fully acknowledge that I’m one of those people who is being pulled into the world of social media kicking and screaming. I have FB and that’s it. No Instagram, no Twitter. I have signed up to other things only because I was trying to get to something else. I have not one app on my phone….not one. Now Bi gets a new app.

    Ya killing meeee! But that’s okay. I’ll let you ladies tell me all about it. He seems to enjoy this new medium of the app chat kinda thing. That’s good. I’ve seen a portion of one of the videos someone graciously uploaded. BTW, I must agree with the general consensus…….Bi….dude……don’t eat when you film or have the camera man turn the volume waaay down. To American ears it’s not a good thing….I’ll say. SMILES. As kids, we would’ve gotten in trouble for it.

    BUT…………we still “love” you snookums.

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    • Guuurrrrrl… the last thing I need is another app. In fact, I don’t have half as many as other folks because I just don’t have time for them. But I MUST say, this V-app is the BOMBdiggity. I’ll uninstall another app if I have to just to keep it. What a pleasant surprise.

      I can’t say how much I loved finally meeting the crew up close. Lawd, when SooBong threw that smile of his that close to the camera, you coulda knocked me over with a feather. And Yongdeok, laaawd that cutie, heck they were all so handsome and the girls so pretty. I’m thinking that that installment will be my favorite one of the bunch, but we’ll see…

      Mama would have popped me dead in the mouth for chewing like that, LOL!https://widgets.wp.com/notifications/2182563628#

      “Snookums” kekeke That he is. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@*


      • SMILES……..yes, my mother and/or my grandmothers would’ve yelled at me….”Girl, you better stop that smacking!” LOL. I’m guessing it’s a Korean thing when they eat (I don’t know). It’s just like watching “eating scenes” in K-dramas…..the one thing I hate about watching them. Sorry, but I do. SMILES. Even, if my own husband chews too loud it’s drives me “nuts.” LOL.

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    • Glad you got to see some of the show, even if it was that part… 🙂 ^@@^


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