[notice][2 articles] 비 “R.A.I.N Company” has been established and its first news posted.

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The announcement came down from On High via Rain’s official website, official fan community, and official social media on October 12. 비“RAIN COMPANY” 설립. (R.A.I.N Company established.) R.A.I.N company의 첫 번째 소식입니다. (The first news of R.A.I.N Company.)

I have a good feeling about this. More to say later… in the meantime, read on!

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SOOMPI News 10/11/2015 — by kiddy_nights

Rain Officially Signs With His Own Company


Rain announced on October 11 that “I have signed a contract with Rain Company as of October 1.”

Rain Company is a new management company founded by Rain himself, focusing entirely on Rain at the moment. He further said, “We formed a dream team of multi-entertainment, by recruiting the best from each area of the entertainment industry. We adapted the agency system of the United States, and we hope to manage actors and singers.”

It is said that Rain Company has a music and records department, headed by Kim Yong Bae, who has been with Rain since his debut. It also has a U.S. department, and a Chinese department to manage Hallyu stars. They will be focusing on finding talented rookies and recruiting stars in the near future.

Source (1)

The Korea Times 10/11/2015 — by aoshima11 @ ktimes.com

Rain launches entertainment company


Entertainer Rain has launched an entertainment company that aims to attract fans in Korea and China with singers and actors, according to a statement from the star on Saturday.

R.A.I.N Company will have specialist executives who will handle people in particular areas, such as singers, or actors or hallyu stars.

“Unlike conventional management companies that used to have a manager controlling all sectors — music albums, TV series, movies and businesses in overseas — our company is based on the U.S. “agent system,”in which experts in each area take control of their specialist field,” Rain said.


Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, launched the company after his two-year contract with Cube Entertainment ended in September. On Sept 7, he said on his Facebook page that he had agreed with Cube’s chairman, whom he said was “like his father,” not to extend the contract and go their separate ways.

Rain made his debut in 2002 as a singer and began his acting career with a Korean TV series in 2003.

He made his Hollywood debut in the sci-fi action film”Speed Racer” (2008) and took a leading role with action movie “Ninja Assassin” (2009).

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4 Responses to “[notice][2 articles] 비 “R.A.I.N Company” has been established and its first news posted.”

  1. good luck for you Rain!


  2. He’s good at running his own company – remember J.Tune. All the best RainRain 🎉🎤🎧🎶🎥🎼


  3. Yeah this is awesome and amazing news!!!!! I wish Rain all the success in the world, he deserves it!!!!!


  4. So it’s official! Woo hoo! I gotta tell ya, one phrase makes me Very excited……there’s a “U.S. department to manage Hallyu stars”…..and since there is only one Hallyu star that truly interests me…………..I got chills. SMILES.

    Seriously though, this is Awesome news!


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