[35 images][2 fancams] Rain at the 玖玖爱·中韩群星演唱会 (Jiu Jiu Ai·China & Korea Stars Concert). (10/11)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


jiujiuaiThese are my favorites of the hundreds of pics floating around out there. Thanks to all of the Clouds in attendance who shared their fan cams, and thanks to Alisa for this YouTube compilation. Awesome!

Looks like someone is champing at the bit to live his life on the stage again (check how deliberately he’s delivering his moves, yep)…

And his Fabulous Crew is looking good, too. 🙂 ^@@^

(Images credited as tagged)











~ by Cloud USA on October 12, 2015.

5 Responses to “[35 images][2 fancams] Rain at the 玖玖爱·中韩群星演唱会 (Jiu Jiu Ai·China & Korea Stars Concert). (10/11)”

  1. Wow Rain was throwing down!!!! Loved the dance moves he was doing, so hot!!!! Man Rain was looking super sexy in that leather jacket and matching pants!!!! I really want that awesome jacket!!!!!


  2. RainRain as usual at his best – 😍Thanks for sharing🎤🎵🎶


  3. The fashionista in me is having “spasms” over the leather jacket. I love, love, love that jacket. OMG. The pants too, but the jacket is making my insides do cartwheels. On the right man, have Mercy!! Hey, you can’t have any ole “fuddy-duddy” wearing a jacket this fly.

    I love it……………………..SMILES.


  4. Merci pour le partage ❤


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