4 Responses to “[featured CF] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 9/1 — 9/30.”

  1. Ok, now see this is when I have a problem with homogeneous countries. With limited exposure to people outside of their culture, you just may not get what is deemed offensive to other ethnic groups of people.

    The pic at the link is what is being taught in a Korean English language textbook. Why, why, why???

    I get that this is an expression used in the hip-hop “culture” if you will, However, if someone from Korea new to the English language, travels to the states (thinking this is an appropriate greeting to the average US citizen) and says this. Just to let you know……..you may get the piss slapped out of you. What may seem acceptable in hip-hop is NOT acceptable across the broader population and to some of us it’s highly offensive.

    Who approves these textbooks? Is there such a thing as a cultural advisor, when it comes to publishing these books? Hey, I’m just trying to help out some poor unsuspecting Korean citizen on their first trip to the states who may want to be friendly and say this mess to somebody. I’m not angry either, just bewildered.

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    • What in the name of all that’s holy. LMAO That is crazy as hell. Well, sometimes a hard lesson is the only way some folks learn. *sigh*

      Stephe ^@@^

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      • A hard lesson is what they’ll get too. That’s the problem with teaching slang as part of a foreign English class. There’s different levels to American slang. Also, there’s different slang even among different racial/ethnic groups and different social groups as well. What’s on that page above is hip-hop slang and not everybody in this country is a hip-hopper. Among that culture and generation if you want to take a chance and say it, you’re a brave soul young blood. However, you know Stephe just like me, say that to somebody else in another setting…..I’ve got two words for you……”Pimp Slap.” (*just saying*)……LOL.


  2. You know, since Bi is going to be touring again he’ll be doing promo posters for his tour. Gosh, I just thought of an awesome idea for a promo poster…..LOL. In reality, he would so not do it, however in my fantasy mind he would and it would be awesome as hell if he did.

    Wanna know what it is Bi?………(*call me*)……Just kidding about that call Clouds (sorta) so calm down. SMILES.


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