15 Responses to “[featured CF] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/1 — 8/31.”

  1. One more……………………..Shake Your Body Down

    Honey, I’m back in high school now………SMILEShttps://youtu.be/T2wYZFji0Cs

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  2. Happy B-Day Michael Jackson (Aug. 29, 1958).

    I’m seriously traveling down memory road tonight. I’m listening to this song among many.https://youtu.be/oYkjgMdsUXQ

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  3. OMG…….this video had me laughing my butt off! Too funny.


  4. This falls under the “You Know You’re A Cloud” category……………

    You know you’re a Cloud when you have a full on Rain dream for apparently no reason. I saw this man in a dream last night and found myself “thinking”….actually “thinking”….why is this Asian man in my head space? SMILES. I hadn’t even been on the computer for at least 3 days so no Rain images should be in my immediate psyche. Anyway, I won’t recount the whole dream, but I must say it was a pretty “fly” way to meet your bias. What I will say is the whole scenario was totally dependent on his reaction and no interference from others who were present. Since it was my dream his response was just Awesome!

    I know what you’re thinking…..and No my dream wasn’t sexual (*which even surprises me…..LOL….Ssh, don’t tell hubby*). However, if I could ever “dream up” a way to meet Baby Boo, what was in my head last night would be just perfect. Just the right amount of everything.

    Me being a writer at heart, I had to immediately jot this dream down while the details were fresh in my mind. I’ll say if I Ever get to meet Rain for real, maybe I’ll tell him just exactly what my dream was and how my meeting him for real compares to my dream. He’ll either think it was very cool Or that I’m very crazy. I’m gonna go for it being cool…..that’s the goal anyway.


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  5. Hey, I just saw on my timeline an awesome thing this morning. Cloud sister Akiko Pi-Bi has started a Cloud fan group on FB for Rain’s baby Clouds starting at age 12 up to age 20. I think this is an awesome idea. I was faced with the same dilemma Akiko was faced with by getting a friend request from a young Cloud and I didn’t know what to do about that. We adult Clouds sometimes post “mature” subject matter that I don’t think really appropriate for a youngster. I think this group for young Clouds is a great alternative.

    Awesome idea Akiko!………………SMILES


    • Yes, isn’t it? I believe Stephe knows about it. We’ll say something at some point. (If she hasn’t already. I haven’t been able to get over here in forever. Sigh.

      Terri :-}


  6. Okay, so I’m hogging the Open Thread today. Mainly because I’m off and I’ve got nothing to do except work on Cloud USA stuff for a change. (Wonder of wonders…)

    I’ve said this to Stephe privately before, but it’d REALLY be nice if Rain’s camp would announce where he’s going to be more than a week or so before an event actually happens. And not just for the events where they want us to support him by buying garlands and stuff (which means put up money.)

    This came up because I’m sitting here working on our Rain on the Horizon page, and frankly, I’ve got very little to put on it. Always frustrating.

    Apparently, there is no point to this page. But it seemed like a good idea at the time though. Sigh.

    Didn’t mean to turn this thread into a whine.

    Terri :-}


    • It’s not whining. It’s a legitimate complaint. SMILES. At the risk of sounding mean, I think Rain’s camp forgets about us in the West sometimes. I know he’s trying to build up his career in a very precise way. However in the meantime, we fans in the West don’t get many opportunities to show our fan support over here. I’ve had a couple thoughts/suggestions that I’ve thought about over the years but then I said to myself why even put it out there. SMILES.

      I will continue to be a patient Cloud but Rain will always get “cheated on” by me until he decides to make me a “one Idol woman.” SMILES…………..


      • Hi, Dee Dee.

        No, I don’t think you’re being mean. It’s not that they forget about us. It’s just that there aren’t all that many of us yet. The numbers aren’t enough to garner too much attention. Yet.

        Like you, I’m trying to be patient. (And with minimal cheating…although that’s tough.) :-}

        Terri :-}


        • SMILES………Hey Terri!

          Just so you know, my “cheating” is not extensive either, but if another “cutie” catches my eye……(*in my best Wendy Williams voice*)…..it’s “how You doing?” LOL.

          I think it’s a catch 22. You’ve got Clouds in West traveling to the East to attend Rain events over there (when they happen) etc., so guess what….his camp may never have incentive to come here (financially speaking). Revenue from the West is going East anyway. So why come here? I’d work at home too, if I was him. SMILES. The catch 22 is his numbers won’t get bigger here until he does more projects here and gets more attention. You know how America is. It’s get my attention first and then I’ll support you later, so if his camp is looking for the “numbers” prior to that then they may never be there.

          Even so………..I’m a Cloud and that won’t change. SMILES.


  7. Gotta love that MENtholatum. They know a good thing when they see it.

    Terri :-}


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