6 Responses to “[featured CF] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 7/19 — 7/31.”

  1. Boy, I tell ya. Sweetness really knows how to do the “sneaky, sneaky.” By that I mean, brotha comes to the U.S. on the DL like nobody else. Got US Clouds all in a tizzy. Before we know it, he’s on a plane back home before we find out. Got fangirls heads spinning like……”damn he was what??? He was here??? Right here, right here…..like in the US here???”


    You just “ain’t right” brother. Way to “hurt” a US Cloud’s feelings. SMILES.

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    • Mmm, yeah. I’m all up in my feelings about it at the moment, you might say, lol~ O_o ^@@^

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      • I try not to get in my feelings too much though (when it comes to Bi) simply because he’s never gonna be anywhere near me to do anything about it (like taking his pic, getting an autograph, etc). So I feel like, why should I work myself up into a frenzy. Now, if this brotha ever comes to Texas for any reason, I might pass clean out or turn into Sherlock Holmes trying to find him.


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        • I honestly feel it has more to do with dodging the Korean media and their big mouths and made up articles about his bidnez over here than avoiding us. Hopefully when he gets to working over here more and projects are signed, that might change… but who knows. That could be wishful thinking… ^@@^

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          • Oh of course it is. SMILES. It also says to me that when we see Korean celebs (any celeb) going to/coming from Incheon airport (in their best street chic styles), those are Clearly fan photo ops. For him to be able to come all the way over here in “stealth mode” means that he knows Exactly how to avoid the media into and out of that country at will. He’s quite adept at it. SMILES.


          • However, if I was to “really” get into my “feelings” about Bi. I’d have to tell you that in private. SMILES.

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