6 Responses to “[featured CF] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 5/26 — 6/23.”

  1. People are trip sometimes…..if they’re not annoying the hell out of you, they are confusing the hell out of you.

    Today, I could’ve kept my rear end at home……like for real!

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    • I feel ya, sista. Sometimes I miss the work force… and then sometimes I just don’t. At all.

      Stephe ^@@^

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      • Ultimately, you are not missing a thing sis. I swear if didn’t need this paycheck, I would have “chunked the deuces” a Loooooong time ago! Believe that!

        Today is NOT the day……………5:00 can’t get here fast enough.


  2. Thanks for partage
    Il y en a certain que je ne connaissais pas !!
    Thanks Dear Cloud ❤

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