[images][克拉恋人] Diamond Lover check. (Including on the set 2/27 — 3/4.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Catch-up post! 🙂

FYI: Rain’s new Chinese TV drama has an official Weibo account, 电视剧-克拉恋人 (Drama-Diamond Lover). You can access it HERE. ^@@^

Cartoon art posted by the “Diamond Lover” Weibo account, on 3/14. Gosh, how ADORABLE!^^



Drama still photo posted by Entertainment News on QQ, on 3/11. (Credited as tagged)


Drama still photos, posted by Director Chen Ming Zhang on his Weibo, 3/7.

Drama still photos, posted by the official “Diamond Lover” Weibo, on 3/5.



On the set, posted 3/4. (Images credited as tagged)



On the set, 3/3. (Image credit: bojanyoungz @Instagram)


On the set, 2/27. Rain with mainland China singer Zhou Qian (周倩, in the black and white-dotted scarf, on our right) and friends. Very cool, her sharing this on her Weibo. ^@@^ (Image credit: Zhou Qian NIKI / 周倩NIKI)


(Images credited as tagged)




On the set, 2/2. More pics of Rain and cast mate Luo Jin. (Images credited as tagged)



~ by Cloud USA on March 15, 2015.

5 Responses to “[images][克拉恋人] Diamond Lover check. (Including on the set 2/27 — 3/4.)”

  1. Where can I see rain bi’s Latest drama miss diamond with eng sub? It is not seen anywhere in the net?


    • The drama’s premiere broadcast date has not been released. It isn’t even on TV yet. There should be some kind of announcement sometime soon, though.

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. He is so cute!!! Why he is not tweeting these days?? I hope in this movie they don’t change his voice to a chinese voice actor! His voice is very sexy!


  3. Can ne1 tell me wen dis darma will b in releasing…………


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