[images][GIF][Chinese Clouds][克拉恋人] Diamond Lover check. (plus on the set 2/11, 12, & 16.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

FYI: Rain’s new Chinese TV drama has an official Weibo account, 电视剧-克拉恋人 (Drama-Diamond Lover). You can access it HERE. ^@@^

On the set, 2/16. ROFL! 🙂 (Images credited as tagged)


Stills posted on Sohu, 2/16.



Aw! ❤ Looks like Rain treated the “Diamond Lover” crew to afternoon desserts for Valentine’s Day. What a guy. (Images credit: 痦子坨坨坨-)



On the set, 2/12. (Images credited as tagged)



Posted by “Diamond Lover” director Chen Ming Zhang (陳銘章導演) on his Weibo, 2/14.



Posted by “Diamond Lover” location Pegasus Park (品臻園), 2/14. You can read more about this luxurious community in my previous post below.

» [images][克拉恋人] Diamond Lover check: Pegasus Park.


First the 9th Korean/World Cloud (including Cloud Japan), and now our Chinese-speaking sisters! Check out the Valentine’s Day meal provided to Rain and the “Diamond Lover” cast and crew on 2/14 by China RainBar and RaincloudHK! This is how Clouds do it. No matter where he is, he can count on us, right? 😀 (Images credited as tagged)


C-drama still photo posted on 2/15. (Image source: 冇名痣 @ weibo)


On the set, 2/12. (Image source: ClorisZhou @ weibo)


On the set, 2/11. (Image source: 缺失deai @ weibo)


GIF posted by the official Diamond Lover weibo, 2/10.


Posted by Rain’s official Japanese Cloud community, 2/9. Lovely! (Images credit: rain-jungjihoon.jp)




~ by Cloud USA on February 16, 2015.

2 Responses to “[images][GIF][Chinese Clouds][克拉恋人] Diamond Lover check. (plus on the set 2/11, 12, & 16.)”

  1. Good morning. I have discovered an actor/singer named Rain. I started watching Drama Fever and I did some research and found your website. I think he is a very talented person. Thank you for your website. Will Rain ever tour the United States again? Have a good day.


    • Hi, Tina. 🙂 Thank you, and you’re welcome! Rain will tour the USA again some day. With the killer schedule he keeps, though, there is no telling when. He’s such a workaholic! But that’s one of the reasons we admire him. You have a great day, too. ^^

      Stephe ^@@^


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