[article][克拉恋人] Chinese Director Says Rain Memorizes Costar′s Scripts in Chinese.

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“I can communicate if I just look into the eyes.”

Oh, I’ll just bet you can, Rain. I’m sure all of your leading ladies concur. 🙂

MWave 1/23/2015 — by Newsen Oh Hyo Jin / Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Chinese Director Says Rain Memorizes Costar′s Scripts in Chinese


The Chinese director of Rain’s drama praised the star′s earnestness.

On January 23, the Chinese media outlet Sina.com reported that director Chen Ming Zhang, who is in charge of producing the Chinese drama Diamond Lover, highly praised Rain’s acting ability.

Rain attended the press conference for Diamond Lover, which took place on January 22 in Shanghai along with his costar Tang Yan. Director Chen Ming Zhang sent over a video message instead of attending the event due to his busy schedules of filming and editing.

Rain has been promoting actively in China recently, starring in the film For Love or Money on top of the drama. When a reporter asked, “What is the secret behind your outstanding communication in Chinese?”

Rain answered, “I can communicate if I just look into the eyes. I’ve been studying Chinese too.”

Director Chen Ming Zhang also praised Rain’s earnestness and acting ability. He said, “Since Rain is a foreigner, communication is not perfect but he has been working that much harder. In order to accurately understand his character and get a grasp of the emotions, he tries to memorize the scripts of his costar. He is a very professional actor.”

Diamond Lover is a romance drama about an unattractive woman finding happiness on her way to becoming a shining diamond. Rain will be acting as the owner and CEO of a large diamond supply company.

Photo credit: Diamond Lover’s official Weibo

~ by Cloud USA on January 23, 2015.

2 Responses to “[article][克拉恋人] Chinese Director Says Rain Memorizes Costar′s Scripts in Chinese.”

  1. Communicating through his eyes huh??

    Oh and we “hear” you too. However, what most of us “hear” can’t be commented on. All I have to say is…………”Talk” to me baby! (that’s a song title BTW….Chico DeBarge….look it up)



  2. Now they are finally seeing what we Clouds ALLOVER have seen for some years! Maybe now they are trying to be HONEST OR SINCERE?! WOW!
    Anyhow its in print and its out there. Congratulations, Rain, for your steadfastness and projection of your heartfelt thoughts through your stimulating eyes!!! Sharing is so wonderful.


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