[fancams/full][clip][images][露水红颜] For Love or Money check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As I’ve said before and probably will say again, Clouds know that sexy back ANYWHERE. 🙂 (Image credit: RainCloudHK)



Full fan cam of the press conference in Beijing on 11/7.

» Video LINK: 视频: 2014.11.7《露水红颜》北京发布会(超近完整视频)on Youku.

Fan cam after the press conference in Shanghai, 11/8.

» Video LINK: 视频: [RAIN]141108 RAIN after Movie Press on Youku.

Fan cam before the Meet The Stars Event in Shanghai on 11/8.

» Video LINK: 视频: [RAIN]141108 RAIN OPPA.Kempinski Hotel OUT on Youku.


News coverage of the press conference in Shanghai on 11/8. (Courtesy of biblueberry)


Random For Love or Money Goodness. Adorable. 🙂 (Image source: nooaom1674 @Instagram)



This young lady went to the premiere of For Love or Money and the cast greeting in Beijing on 11/7. She took pictures with Rain, Director Gao, and a few other folks, and got a nice snapshot of Liu Yi Fei (who she called “sister”). I wouldn’t be surprised if she was acquainted with an insider or if she herself is one. If I’m reading her Weibo post correctly, she was in the front row and practically beside herself with Rain right there on stage in front of her. He looked so much like her father when he was young and handsome, with small eyes… 🙂

She also says young people should definitely go see this film and seriously think on the topics of love and money. Good observation. ^@@^ (Images credit: 詹璐小队长)





Cute movie stills that I still couldn’t refuse. Aw. ❤ (Image credit: the For Love or Money micro-blog @Weibo)



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