13 Responses to “[featured CF] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 11/12 — 12/3.”

  1. That “one sleeve, bare chest” thing is SEXY30!!


  2. As for me, I’ll scroll any day for RAINY news!!!!!!


  3. I know you ladies are on vacay this week. When you get back to it, I’ve got a random question for you.

    What’s the deal with the selfie stick photogs? I hadn’t heard of the selfie stick before the ban in South Korea. It must be a huge nuisance there if they’ve got to enact a ban.


    • Huh. I hadn’t heard of selfie sticks either, until now. I do recall seeing random pictures of people using one, though, out of context, and I thought it was some kind of joke. Frankly, I laughed because it looked sort of stupid. I understand what their purpose is, but I guess if I was more into taking pictures, maybe it wouldn’t seem so silly for non-professional photographers to be carrying something like that around.

      After reading up on the ban, I can understand why that happened… to a point. Folks In Charge have always gotten nervous when it comes to someone being able to wirelessly affect pieces of machinery that person might not be privy to. One thing that comes immediately to mind is when I’m told to turn off my cell phone when I’m in certain parts of a hospital or during certain times during a plane flight so that I don’t mistakenly interfere with stuff in there…

      I guess they want to make sure the sticks are properly made by folks who are certified to do so, to avoid those kinds of problems. *shrug* ??

      Stephe ^@@^


      • It took me a minute to “master the art” of taking a selfie…and there’s still plenty room for improvement…LOL! I wish had known about selfie sticks. Then again, it does look kinda weird….but just think, somebody made a “killing” off of the novelty of it. I’m like dang why didn’t I think of that??! LOL.


  4. Page admin please add tag to your html editor.
    I want to see more of your posts without scrolling like crazy!


  5. Oh and this is totally random and not about Rain.

    I heard on the radio this morning that potential employers deduce an applicant’s age by paying attention to the amount of space a person puts after the period of a sentence. It would seem that the older you are, you would put two spaces after the period at the end of a sentence instead of one. I was like “well damn” that’s how we were taught in school.

    It seems that these days, people no longer put two spaces after the period but only one. They said it’s also a result of how things are typed on social media. The other crazy part is that the radio personality doing this report is not a “spring chicken” either, yet he said he had never heard of the “two space” rule before. This comment prompted his radio partner to say “oh that just means you’re illiterate”…..which garnered lots of laughter.

    I was surprised by this “revelation” about the spacing. Even so, I will use the two spaces probably forever, because it’s what I learned many years ago and it’s embedded in my brain. Also, I will probably keep using two spaces because it just doesn’t look right to have only one space after the period. At least not to me.

    To my writers in the house……what say you?


    • I heard something about that, too. Whodathunk.

      Writers use two spaces when submitting manuscripts so that agents’ and editors’ eyes aren’t strained too much, so that’s my method. WordPress does wonky things on the blog with two spaces though so for that I only use one. ^@@^


  6. It’s 37 degrees outside right now, but all of a sudden I have a hankering for a ice cold PEPSI….and I don’t even care for Pepsi. *SMILES*………..

    Baby love was such a sexy little cutie wasn’t he? On these pics, he was at that point where he was boy/man…..a Deadly combination. Once again it works a woman’s insides on all kinds of levels. On the one hand, you just want to pinch his cheeks but then you’re torn about which “set of cheeks” you want to pinch…..(*although I know he was an adult at the time*).

    Stephe, where is Sweetness right now? Is he still in China? Just curious that’s all.

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