[clip][NGs/outtakes][내그녀] The making of My Lovely Girl, Part 3.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


I love things like this because it reminds me that IT’S ONLY A K-DRAMA and not real. Makes me feel a lot better. LOL~

When Rain ended up dropping that lollipop, I busted a gut. Fumble! 🙂

(Source credit: A Story @YT.)

~ by Cloud USA on November 6, 2014.

3 Responses to “[clip][NGs/outtakes][내그녀] The making of My Lovely Girl, Part 3.”

  1. I saw this blog..the blogger mention Rain..
    I translate some part related to Rain..
    Maybe the blogger runs a pension.

    Everyone who meets Rain in person says the same thing like that.


    at My Lovely Girl wrap up party

    [“I took a picture with an actor “Jung Ji-hoon” singer “Rain” friendly.
    Honestly, I thought it would be hard to get close to him because he is a top star(a big celebrity).
    but his popularity is top and his personality is top as well.
    Mr.Jung Ji-hoon is attractive(charming) and cheerful(pleasant, delightful)”]


  2. When I see behind the scenes footage of anything…tv shows, music videos, etc. It reminds me not only that what’s being filmed is not real, but more importantly it really is just their job….a highfalutin, fancy job but still…a job. So it puts the whole thing of celeb fandom into a certain perspective (at least for me). Do I still want to meet Bi, damn skippy I do…But, I think life will go on even if I never do.


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