[MV][clips][images/caps][露水红颜] For Love or Money check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

New music video for the movie OST! The song is called “Be Here.” ♥ (MV source credit: RAINY Entertainment / OfficialRAIN @YT.)



A 1905.com entertainment news report shows scenes where Rain’s character is at the hospital when Liu Yi Fei’s character arrives, as well as when she gets stabbed in the gut by some thug on the street. OMG! (Re-up: ratoka)



(Source: 电影露水红颜官博 / For Love or Money page @Miaopai. Capture: Cloud USA)

Fresh Rain project promotions on media investing site Ali-Entertainment Treasure, and Rain for “My Lovely Girl” on the For Love or Money page on short video sharing site Miaopai. ^@@^

(Clip source credit: 电影露水红颜官博 @Miaopai. Courtesy of ratoka)

(Images Source credit: 阿里-娱乐宝 / Ali-Entertainment Treasure @Weibo. Captures: Cloud USA)








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