10 Responses to “[featured CF] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 10/21 — 11/11.”

  1. To all my U.S. Clouds who have loved ones that sacrificed to help protect the freedoms of our nation, I say Happy Veterans Day to you.

    For myself, today I honor my grandfathers (maternal and paternal), my uncle (my Mom’s brother) and my husband. They each served their time and gave a portion of their lives to this country and I want to thank them most of all.

    To those still serving and sacrificing, I am a grateful citizen and thank you for all that you do to protect us and keep us safe on a daily basis.

    On this day I salute you……………………

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  2. And this one is “Pretty Boy”…….for Our resident pretty boy. *SMILES*

    File this under *Just Cause*…………………………………………….

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  3. Janet’s second album Dream Street produced the hit song “Don’t Stand Another Chance” in 1984 written by her along with her brother Marlon. Her brothers Michael, Jackie and Tito were the background vocals on this song as well.

    The thing about many American R&B artists is the mainstream and international public don’t really know about their early hits, because they were mainly popular among the African-American community first. Then when that mainstream hit album comes, the general public thinks that’s the artists’ first hit album when more than likely it isn’t.

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  4. LOL……I’ve really been walking down memory lane this evening. Since other threads on this blog got me to thinking about age…mine in particular.

    This is for the youngins who don’t know anything about Janet Jackson before the Control album. This is what “teenage me” was listening to back in 1983. This was back when Rain was just a little baby “rain drop” his own self (if that doesn’t put it into perspective). SMILES. Gosh, I have to laugh because this song was about as syrupy sweet as you could get. SMILES. This is Janet’s first hit “Say You Do” from her first album. Her second hit from this same album was “Young Love.”

    Hers was my first celebrity autograph. I’ll never forget it. This was the album she came to town to promote.

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  5. One more…………

    I just love Leela’s soulful voice on this beautiful love song.


  6. One of the singers hubby is listening too right now. Syleena Johnson (featuring native Texan singer Leela James) – “Fools Gold”

    He knew I would like this song. I try to share the other people I listen to other than Bi. You never know who you may like. I tell ya, hubby’s musical taste is SO all over the place. He would “die” without Itunes. LOL!


  7. Hey Stephe/Terri, I thought I’d share the links to the two guest blogger posts of mine on April Jackson’s “The Pink Fashion Ninja” blog. They were really fun articles to write and I thought other Clouds may enjoy them also. So Clouds when you have some free time, pop over and check’em out. *SMILES*……………………

    Article (1) “The Grown and Sexy” List: BiAlamode’s Top 6


    Article (2) “The Cultural Blend”


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    • Thanks for pointing us to these, BiA. I just saw Article 1 and blasted on our social media, but I hadn’t come across Article 2. I always appreciate y’all bringing stuff to my attention because it’s gotten super hard for me to see everything, there’s just so much. 🙂

      Love the articles, by the way! Will definitely post excerpts and links to them on the blog.

      Stephe ^@@^

      *Edited to Add: Whereas I enjoyed both articles as a reader, the Hallyu Wave/Grown Man with Big Daddy Rain in it was right up our alley here at CUSA. We’d love to publish things like that, so feel free to hit me up on Facebook if you get any ideas you’d like to guest-blog, okay? Cool. Thumbs up.


      • No worries, I was surprised (and pleasantly so) when April asked me to contribute. I was like…..Me??….Sure, I’d love to. *SMILES*

        The articles are a fun, quick read and I thought Clouds visiting here might enjoy them also. Any future ideas that jog “ye ole noggin”, I will definitely hit you up.

        Have a great Sunday!


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