[images][clips][drama][내그녀] My Lovable Girl check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

My Lovely Girl is at the top of the drama ranking charts in China AND in Russian-speaking countries. Halleluia! 🙂 (Captures credit: Marichka / @lovemesome-rain / Scorpiola Bi @Facebook)




A MLG preview on LA18 TV… in Los Angeles! 🙂 (Video credit: LA18KSCITV @YT.)


Rain and Krystal fashion on MeClubHK in China.


Fresh “Hyun Wook”, as published by Top Star News.



Posted on Top Star News and Nate news.




Looks like SBS is having a special giveaway that started yesterday and goes until November 9, with the winners announced on November 10. Wish I knew more, but I don’t think it matters with this not being for English speakers anyway. Lucky ducks over there! (Image credit: SBS.co.kr)

Subject title translation: "My Lovely Girl, The Novel Launch Event" ^@@^

Subject title translation: “My Lovely Girl, The Novel Launch Event” ^@@^

Last week, Scorpiola broke the news of My Lovely Girl novels on her Facebook…


~ by Cloud USA on October 21, 2014.

One Response to “[images][clips][drama][내그녀] My Lovable Girl check.”

  1. Come on episode 11 and 12!! I’m WAITING!


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