[images][clip][露水红颜] For Love or Money check. (Yep, the second one for today.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

STUNNING movie stills posted by Rain’s Chinese fan community on tieba.baidu (China RainBar). (Images source credit: the For Love or Money micro-blog @Weibo)




For Love or Money in Chinese news. (Source credit: 1905.com / Courtesy of ratoka)


More images of that super cool For Love or Money promotional bus in China. I’d love to take a ride! (Images source: 请叫我学霸王木木 @Weibo)





Looks like this fan might have found more promotional stuff on 阿里-娱乐宝 (pronounced Ali Yu Le Bao, Ali-Entertainment Treasure), which began promoting For Love or Money back in early June. (Image source: HuiZita @Weibo)




WANT! A For Love or Money postcard! Is it real, or did Chinese Clouds make it? (A little birdie told me it’s real FLoM goods.) I don’t care either way! Want. Wahhhh ^@@^ (Image credit: Rain吧中国云官博 / China RainBar @Weibo)



Freshly released by the For Love or Money [电影露水红颜官博] movie micro-blog @Weibo.



~ by Cloud USA on October 21, 2014.

2 Responses to “[images][clip][露水红颜] For Love or Money check. (Yep, the second one for today.)”

  1. Hi Clouds
    Moi aussi j’irai bien faire un tour en Bus !
    Le matin pour partir travailler , je serais ravie de monter dans un bus comme celui ci !!

    Merci pour votre travail !


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