[Eng subs][teaser 4][내그녀] Lovable Girl check: “고마워요.” (“Thank you.”)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


» You can see more lovely captures from “My Lovable Girl” Teaser 4 in our previous post HERE.

(Teaser source credit: SBSNOW @YT / Translation by: @ColdShadow09 / Re-upped and English-subbed by: Jonald Gerald L. Chua /Encoded by: Jonald Gerald L. Chua)

~ by Cloud USA on September 13, 2014.

One Response to “[Eng subs][teaser 4][내그녀] Lovable Girl check: “고마워요.” (“Thank you.”)”

  1. My literal translation

    00:12 Yah, there’s still such affinity? -> Yah, What a coincidence!(there’s such a coincidence?)

    00:18 Dog flower boy —> Gae(개) Mi Nam(미남)( Korean Romanization- 개-dog, 미남- handsome man 개미남 means that the handsome man who raises(keeps) a dog)

    00:20 Ji Hoon and your younger sister–> Dalbong(his dog’s name) and your younger sister.

    00:24 I also want to do a little something. I’ll give you production fee of 20 million until a favorable song is chosen. –> I will also do some work until I pick out the song which costs 20 million won from you(SeNa).


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