[images][내그녀] Lovable Girl check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

SBS’s website has an official “My Lovable Girl” sub-page, and it looks pretty smart. That’s where these two new Rain images come from. Handsomeness abounds! (Rain images credit: SBS. Website capture by Cloud USA.)



( ↓ CLICK the image below to go to the official “My Lovable Girl” sub-page on SBS.)



As we understand it, Rain handed out homemade Thanksgiving gifts to the the cast and crew on set (it’s the Chuseok/Thanksgiving holidays right now in South Korea). What a guy. 🙂 (Images source: Nate News)



Images from what looks like a tvN programming blog on Naver. The post is sort of a “My Lovable Girl” primer—who’s who, and what’s what. (Images credit: http://blog.naver.com/bungaek/220115761917. Thanks to ratoka for the captures.)













~ by Cloud USA on September 7, 2014.

4 Responses to “[images][내그녀] Lovable Girl check.”

  1. The planned intention of the drama ‘My lovely Girl’

    Here, There were injured a man and a woman by a person’s death.
    they eat meals, sleep, and smile sometimes like they did before(like the did in the past, like they used to)
    but one thing they have changed is that even happiness of daily life they feel for a moment is miserable(unhappy). two such people extend hands to each other and say, “stop being tormented, it was not your fault. So now you can(may) be happy.
    Through the story of the two people fall in love again by healing the wounds, opening their hearts(minds),
    when faced with a lot of deaths in life, comforting us and giving us the strength to stand up again(the strength to get back on their feet) are human and love, after all.
    We would like to carry the story which is heart-warming and ordinary.
    (We would like to carry the heart-warming and ordinary story.)

    Lee Hyun Wook(32 year-old), who is the composer, producer, and the CEO of an entertainment agency.
    He was called the genius composer, hit song maker, and Midas touch but that’s history now(that is in the past).
    He is currently out of work. he doesn’t have any problems to live and feed without doing anything(without working)
    because he’s received royalties of his hit songs. He’s spent the day walking with his favorite dog, which his life is hanging loose(leading a free and quiet life)
    However, he was terribly ruined (he broke down terribly ) due to aftereffects from the accident 3 years ago in both body and mind (not only body but mind).
    He’s suffered from the earworm, psychological damage(wounds), and he has completely lost his musical ability.
    To him, a miraculous incident occurred in which he got a phone call from Se-Na, his dead girlfriend So-Eun’s younger sister.
    He thought that he would meet SeNa and act as Daddy-Long-Legs quietly(secretly).
    However, he is aware(senses)of her genius for music and enters(steps into) the musical field(world) again in order to bring out(develop) her musical ability.
    I translate some parts of Sena’s character

    Yoon Se-Na(25 year-old), who is a would-be composer.
    She doesn’t have any parents,siblings,property and educational background.
    It has been two years since she came to Seoul. when she is exhausted by working for a living and she cries due to her friend’s abuse,
    the more missing thing is her older sister and her older sister’s music.
    But she doesn’t know that she is the musical genius with the perfect pitch and genius musical sensitivity(sensibility).
    she meets Hyun Wook and opens her eyes to see her talents for music.
    At some points,she starts feeling a thrill for the first time in her life without knowing that he(Hyun Wook)was her dead sister’s lover.


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