[teaser 3][내그녀] Loveable Girl check: Music is lost, but an unforgettable melody brings a new song.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Well, we knew that CEO Hyun Wook’s (Rain’s character) girlfriend dying tragically is an important setup in the plot, but still… *getting the hankies ready* *sniffle* 🙂

I don’t care if this plot has been done before (they all have, so what do you want?). It sounds absolutely lovely (pun intended)! The metaphors below used by the director to describe the real-life happenings are perfect. Bravo.

» WATCH: Teasers 1 and 2 in our previous post HERE.

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Teaser captions (in order of appearance) translated to English by: Stephe ^@@^

(Source credit: SBSNOW @YT.)

YouTube comments from SBSNOW / Translation by Stephe ^@@^

SBS Drama 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀
“My Lovely Girl
Airs Wed – Thu 10:00 PM
First Episode Wed September 17, 2014

(All captures by Cloud USA)






~ by Cloud USA on September 4, 2014.

18 Responses to “[teaser 3][내그녀] Loveable Girl check: Music is lost, but an unforgettable melody brings a new song.”

  1. Behind the scenes of Krystal and Rain’s poster shoot

    I translate almost all parts of the video. but not all parts. I didn’t translate Krystal’s character explanation.
    I am not sure that my translation is accurate. ^^
    You can correct the errors of grammar and English expressions if there are any.
    Hoping you just understand what they are saying and the meaning.
    00:00 Hello! SBS Wed-Thurs drama ‘My Lovely Girl’. It is Jung Ji-Hoon who plays the role of Hyun Wook, the maker,producer and a nice character.

    [ Krystal describes her character ]

    00:27 [Krystal] I(Se Na) meet Hyun Wook oppa and… happily
    [She looks at him and says ” happily”]
    [Rain] we love (each other) [Krystal keeps giggling]

    01:33 [ what is the shooting today?]
    we come here for shooting the poster picture. we are having fun taking the poster pictures now.

    01:11 [ What do you think about joining the drama ? ]
    I will do it first(Let me be the first to say) Personally, as a fan of Jung Soo-Jung yang(Miss), I’m so thankful that I work with her.
    [Krystal keeps giggling]

    I think every actor is working in perfect harmony. so it seems that we can make this drama which will be meaningful(significant) and remain in your mind.

    01:28 [ To viewers ]
    In autumn, good and fun romance that you are interested in will start airing on Wed-Thurs, September 17.

    01:38 I bet that you can see(find) a new side(look) of Jung Soo-Jung
    yang(Miss). Please love it a lot and look forward to it

    1:46 [Rain] Please say some words.
    1:47 [Krystal] I hope to get a lot of love and interest from you.
    [Rain] I love you. Thank you
    I think she doesn’t look young for her age. Rain looks younger for his age. so Rain and Krystal looks like more a good couple than previously thought.
    Especially, Rain looks so hot in that white shirt.
    His voice, looks and behavior(manner) are so gorgeous. ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Thanks for the translation, Sonya. 🙂 I have added it to my post.

      You’re absolutely right, they look like a couple similar in age, so I don’t get why people are paying attention to their real ages. It’s all about if the illusion works or not, and it does work because Rain looks so young!

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Gosh, are people tripping before the drama even starts? IMO, Rain Does present a visible maturity over Krystal, however isn’t that what the characters are supposed to be? Isn’t her character the younger sister of his deceased fiance? The way they look together is Exactly in line with the characters as I understand it.

      Bottom line, his character Is older but he’s not playing her grandfather for goodness sake. In other words, their characters fit and their physicality is is as it should be.

      Even so, people Please don’t act like you’ve never seen an older man with a hot young thing. I will call BS on anyone who says they’ve never seen that. So, please….let the story unfold as its supposed to first, before we get caught up in things that don’t matter yet.


      • Heck, every time you turn around, a South Korean celeb in his 40s is marrying his girlfriend in her late 20s to early 30s. WHAT is the big deal? Who gives a crap as long as they’re happy?

        Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot. People always gotta find something to harp on Rain about. My bad. *heavy sarcasm*


        Stephe ^@@^


        • Haters are just haters.

          Overall, Netizens’ reactions to this video of Rain on Korean portal website are positive and great. The video of Rain has well received such as Rain looks so handsome and cool. They look good together.


      • Oh, you know how netizens make a big deal over everything, BiAlamode.

        I can’t imagine that there are any real complaints, though. I mean, just look at the chemistry they have in the trailer! My goodness! I have high expectations for these two.

        Besides, even here in the U.S. isn’t older men with young women, isn’t it? Even my first “real” boyfriend was 32 and I was 19. Yes. 19. I was a freshman in college and he was a graduate student at my school. It didn’t last, because we were moving in different directions at the time. He graduated and went on to Europe for more schooling and I had just gotten started with mine. So, neither of us were all that serious about making our relationship work for the long-term. But when I think back on what I got instead, maybe I should have worked a little harder to hang onto him. 😛

        To be honest, though, my parents did have a little bit of a heart attack when I introduced them to him, but that was only because they thought he might take “advantage” of me–if you know what I mean. Which he didn’t, btw. He was a real gentleman to this once extremely naive little girl.

        (Okay, to be honest, he wasn’t a “perfect” gentleman. LOL. But still. He was a really good guy.)

        Terri :-}


        • LOL! Exactly Terri. I feel ya and agree wholeheartedly about the netizens.

          Speaking of my dating years, I have dated 4 years younger than me and I have dated 4 years older than me (no not talking about hubby). It’s the older ones that take you on that emotional “rollercoaster.” Like you my first “real” boyfriend was older than me. He liked me but I was a little too sweet and innocent for him at the time. SMILES. Honestly, he saw that I was becoming a little more emotionally invested than he was and it had become quite clear that he was ready to go and “explore his options” shall we say. LOL.

          SO funny, when he saw me a few years later. Sweet, young thing that I was had grown up when he wasn’t looking. I was like “Yeah, how ya like me now?” LOL. Do you know he had the nerve to try and ask me out again. I was like….umm….No.


  2. So emotional, thank you all Sonya, Terri and Stephe for sharing


  3. The drama and the movie trailers and pictures look amazing and I am bursting with joy. I cannot wait to see Rain in a drama again, it has been so long. Sonya Thank you for translation truly appreciate it.


  4. Translation

    @ 00:00 There are two things that I have decided not to do.
    (There are two things that I have made up my mind not to do)
    Music and Love

    00:04 Are you still unable to forget the woman? (Krystal)
    00:09 There are families, couples and so many people here.
    but I am alone only.

    00:18 The name is Yoon Se-Na. she is Yoon So-Eun’s sister.
    That’s all I know.(As far as I’m concerned, that’s about it.)

    00:26 It’s been a long time.(Long time no see.)

    Maybe Yoon(Yun) So-Eun is Hyun Wook’s dead girlfriend.
    Rain’s voice is so lovely and sweet.

    I have already left another comments about Rain’s news translation before.
    Please check it if you have time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Sonya.

      Thank you for the translation!

      I saw your other comment and translation, but I don’t think Stephe has yet, and I wanted her to see it, so I left it “pending” approval. I didn’t want her to miss it somehow, and that’s the easiest way to make sure we see everything…

      Terri :-}


      • Hey, y’all. Thanks, Terri. I’ve gotten in the habit of leaving Sonya’s translations unseen until right before I post it so that it’s not taken before we post it, if you know what I mean. 🙂

        Stephe ^@@^


        • I see. I cannot thank Terri, Stephe enough for your efforts all the time.

          Being dismissed as air –> 기적같이 시작되는
          I think 기적같이 시작되는 means ” Begining(starting) like a miracle”

          ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Thanks for your help with this teaser, Sonya. 🙂 I’ve drafted a post and will publish it shortly.

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. When I saw these pictures I am teary eyed already…


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