[article][ 내그녀] Loveable Girl check: New Korean drama starring Rain sold to China at record price.

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Yonhap News 9/2/2014 —

New Korean drama starring Rain sold to China at record price


SEOUL, Sept. 2 (Yonhap) — Boosted by the Asia-wide popularity of Korean soaps, a new South Korean drama starring singer and actor Rain has set a new record as the most expensive Korean TV series released online in China, the drama’s producer said Tuesday.

The online transmission rights for the SBS drama series “My Lovely Girl” were recently sold for US$200,000 per episode, the most ever for a Korean drama sold to China.

The previous record was $120,000 per episode for “Fated to Love You,” an MBC drama series starring Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, and “It’s Alright, This is love,” starring Cho In-seong and Kong Hyo-jin.

The sales price for “My Lovely Girl” is five times higher than the $40,000 per episode paid for “My Love from the Star,” which recently reignited interest in Korean dramas in China.

With the K-pop world as the backdrop, “My Lovely Girl” tells the story of two pained individuals who find healing through music and build true love.

Slated to be aired from Sept. 17, it has drawn media attention at home and in China as the first drama starring Rain in four years.

“The Chinese people have high expectations for the upcoming drama and its lead actor Rain,” Kim Yeong-seop, director of SBS’s drama bureau, said.

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One Response to “[article][ 내그녀] Loveable Girl check: New Korean drama starring Rain sold to China at record price.”

  1. I am so happy for Rain and hope he receives critical acclaim for his work in this drama as he once said something to the effect that when filmmakers have him in their films, those films don’t do well. I also I hope he got paid handsomely for his efforts.


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